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Ode to Yesterday

It seems so long ago,

The days when I was

Lost in the innocence of Childhood,

A land of magical fairies, gnomes and unicorns,

Rainbows, butterflies and popcorn clouds.

The days of

Endless summer nights

Catching flickering fireflies,

Wildly dancing in the rain

And running barefoot through the grass.

When did those days end

And how can I go back in time

To visit them?

There were

Dandelion wishes


Strawberry lemonade-flavored kisses,

Mosquito bites and bee stings,

Grasshoppers, frogs and onion rings,

Lemon gumdrops

And extra-large Charleston Chews,

Crazy neighborhood summer barbecues.

Why must I surrender

To the pains and disappointments

Of adulthood?

Why can’t I eat

As much ice cream

As I want?

Bellyache laughs


running through Grandpa’s

watermelon patch.

Burnt marshmallows


Buttery popcorn!

Tents made from sheets


Being chased

by vicious chickens

who threatened

to peck your naked feet!

Long shadows at dusk.

How did these lines

Crease my face


My permission?

When did these

Silver strands

Slither into my hair?


Did my hands


To hurt so much?

When did silence


So much fun?

Beneath these tired eyes,

Beneath these ageless wrinkles,

Lies my youth

of so long ago.