Ode to Winter Green

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The lovely trees, so full of green

Even though tis wintertime

I wonder what will come this spring

Such beauty you cannot describe

These trees whisper a sweet melody

A song of hope and love

They offer a sense of security

That may only come from above

I look at the world that now surrounds me

So different from where I have been

No longer in prison, I am set free

Though pain grips my heart now and then

I know not where I found strength to survive

Blessed to have made it through

Thankful for green, I feel so alive

Discovering a life fresh and new

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shprd74 profile image

shprd74 2 months ago from Bangalore

Excellent ashley. Positive thoughts come from being closer to nature. Well done.

- hari

AshleyWright835 profile image

AshleyWright835 2 months ago Author

Thank you, Hari

Dawn L Johnson profile image

Dawn L Johnson 2 months ago

I love your poetry!!

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