"Ode to MoonStar Skies"

Moon River of Sweet and Blue
Moon River of Sweet and Blue | Source

Stanza 1

It’s Wintertime

The pure white leather lounge

Covered by crystal clear plastic paradigm

Skin frozen tight frown

Shuddering without delight

I’m not allowed to visit another

I’m not allowed to invite

Living within bars of seclusion smother

Black vinyl plays over and over

Moon River of sweet and blue

Gut wrenchingly frees my dam of pearls

I choke and swallow them back in return

Yet my tears cascade like flooding rain

Heart is swollen tender and in pain

Stanza 2

It’s Summertime

A suffocating dry wind howls

Down the corridors of red dust grime

Sun beats down a thousand fold

Unending blanket of uncomfortableness

Human skin melts

Plastic beads of perspiration undesirable

Alone bored with a frustrated life belt

No brother sister or friend to play with

Vacuous deep velvet blues

Television is my Mind and Player

I walk away in pathos and disgust multilayer

An insulting way to surmise and result

I am four years of age moult

Stanza 3

The solid grey cement slab

Is my throne maker of dreams

Nature soothes and comforts the rock crab

Nature is my heat is my beams

The Sun hides within the blanket of the Infinite

The air thick with humid hubris

Flashes of gutter red Earth ochre stimulant

Captures my gaze of astuteness

Lost deep in beauty untold

Yet the cold grey cement slab

Inserts realized gratefulness

To father’s and mother’s reliability seclude

My Heart of Four

Now looks to moon’s yellowy lore

Moon Face. Rabbit Face. Earth Crust Face.
Moon Face. Rabbit Face. Earth Crust Face. | Source

Stanza 4

Moon face. Rabbit face. Earth crust face.

I feel your haunting lullaby

Tendrils of tender harmonic melodies race

Sublimely streaming me like a butterfly

I hear your Call

But I am blind

Why God? Why Allah? I am so small.

Why Jamaga? Why Yahweh? Tell my Mind.

Who are you? Why are you?

Is the Milky Way my home?

Is that bright Star my home?

Is that faint Star my Dome?

I will have faith

I will await

The Heavens are a Thousand Fold Lotus
The Heavens are a Thousand Fold Lotus | Source

Stanza 5

The Heavens are a thousand-fold Lotus

Holding delicate phosphorescence

Strange steady allurement notice

Comforting curiosity glows progress

Music showers down from the Celestial

Key notes anchored in Stars time space and matter

The chords releasing Heaven’s gates ancestral

For life evermore splatter

Moon River my dream maker my heartbreaker

Faraway yet seemingly close

I am talking to you

Hear my swell and sigh hue

Someone out there

Hear my Moonstar glow prayer

Stanza 6

School not for another twelve months

I am four years of age

Italian Spanish German truths

Memory knows cage

Burma. Burma. Burma.

Yet memory does not know

Play dough curled fingernails upon derma

Tuned to a dancing Cobra flow

My face is that of a Male

My body dressed in smooth silk

Of Emerald green and cherry red

I am a Scribe lead

Past is present. Present is past.

Italian Spanish and German draft

The Heart Flaming Like A Diamond
The Heart Flaming Like A Diamond | Source

Stanza 7

Mysterious silver sea Moon

Glowing like a ghost in an inky sky

Creative Mother forms a high croon

Tempo slow and earnest

Rounded and full bodied

Warm African gospel weaves blues

Ever swaying strong embodied

Round and round in Buddhist tones due

Deep into Earth’s womb

The Heart flaming like a Diamond

Cupped in the cradle of my loin

Sounds the deep beat enjoin

Off Earth’s heat

Heed the Call discreet

Stanza 8

I do not hear the Call though

I topple into the abyss of scarcity

Thy name is Jealousy and Love-hate woe

Humiliation and shame hides me guardedly

The indigo night sky knows more

Ignorance is also the night’s Mind

Accuse. Be a shrew. Tear apart or

Fall apart. Be chaotic combined.

Be scattered. Be abusive.

Be indecisive. Be weak willed.

The Black Destructive Mother

Knows her Art one after another

Cunningly charismatic

Lies and cheats you into a Fool traumatic

Stanza 9

Mother Moon Shadow destroys

Thunder trails conflict and chaos

Blades of sharp glass lightening love joy

Zaps and crumbles the Tower of Babel of loss

Anger rots and simmers

Blasting like a Surgeon’s knife

Cauldron of acid hate shimmers

Eruptions peak and trough strife

Money sex and love withheld

Guaranteeing loss of favour and control

Insertions of pain inside out

And you see you are my love shout

My target of hurt hate

The Moon of lit pain freight

Dream Bottle With Message
Dream Bottle With Message | Source

Stanza 10

Blasts of red black Widow

Eclipses the Mind and Soul

On Zenith Moon Hill glow

Alchemy of red black heart toll

Scatters twinkling diamond dust

In the indigo inky sky

Composing beacons of hope for lost Souls cussed

Melodies of beauty running a river cry

Catching Soul notes of light

Transmuting till Sun and Moon merge

Paint your life with your eyes

Inscribe messages and dreams likewise

One day to be told

Surrender now to what is rolled

Wait Silently For Your Birth
Wait Silently For Your Birth | Source

Stanza 11

Ardent beginnings start the Golden Page

Celestial plan of gathered intentions

Solidifying the electric embers of your plan gauge

Write it clearly and simply in mention

Be flexible too with the waiting weird

Feverent and feeble with Mountain rise

Refine and edit where you pioneered

Zinc silver ink is set in Fate’s eyes

Still speak divinely along the way

Be fluorescently expectant of good to come

Now surrender and be at peace

Let the Moon’s lullaby soothe you to increase

Wait silently for your birth

A new cycle to rise in worth

Moon's Lullaby To Soothe You To Birth

  • your next plan
  • your next obstacle to overcome
  • your next gift of generosity
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