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Ode Satyr; Wanderlor


The Wind Song

Take me back to the earth.

Let me bask in the soil;

For these waters are warm, but never quite warm enough without you I suppose.

This is our reality.

Here we stand, sit and rest right here and right now; is our home.

These people are only just ourselves; these thoughts are really only quiet angels and very loud demons.

Take me back to the earth.

Where the leaves turn into flowers.

I have learned over time that for every death there is birth and from destruction bore is order.

Shameless are these hailstorms we call love...

Walk 1

The wind song whispered calmly over the night sky. The quiet water's glistened and the water fey known as Lor was perched on top of a floating log; her very rare soft pink and silver fin swayed to the song of the wind. Lor sang quietly to herself; take me back to the earth. Let me bask in the soil. The winds caressed her salty brown skin and made the overly bright purple locks on her head dance. The mermaid winced in the breeze. "He should be here by now." She looked towards the moon; "Past midnight." The Wind circled playfully around the mermaid singing sweetly, for these waters are warm but never quite warm enough without you. Lor was awaiting Maur the satyr. Since the beginning of time the wind would travel from the tips of the arctic to the humidity of the rainforest singing a hymn for connected souls. Whispering a ballad for lovers such as the mysterious moon who fancies so much that dark veal of a night. The clouds that kiss powerfully all over the face of light. The ocean that cannot live without that illustrious moon. And even Maur; the satyr, who has always come to bay to sing and yell out to the water fey; "and here we stand, sit and lie is our home!" And Lor would then swim to shore and as Maur would also come quickly to embrace her, the wind would speed up and carry them up together, parallel to the sea.

But tonight; as the wind carried its song from one corner of the earth to the other, Lor sits restlessly as after 100 years of being able to hear the winds song Maur had never not once missed his que. Is it possible that after all of this time that the wind would not lead Maur here? Lor thought to herself there on the sea, or could it be that after all of this time that Maur has rejected to come out to bay again, once more; only to sing out and embrace his whole half for only a moment. She looked up at the moon again. And these thoughts are only quiet angels and very loud demons...

Walk 2

To reach the bay would take seven moons. Year after year Maur would climb the mountainside waiting for the winds song to echo through the caves. And only when he could feel the whispers of take me back to the earth through his fur would he sharpen his dark twisted horns and set off on hand and foot at full speed towards the sea. Year after year he would run for seven consecutive moons to be reunited by the wind with his one true love. Meanwhile the wind would bellow loudly; and these people are only just ourselves. And Maur, for one hundred years once he heard the music, wouldn't stop until he had reached that beautifully hypnotizing mermaid.

Maur had been traveling for six moons when the winds whispers became quiet hums. He sped through the Secoya trees that nested around the coast. Fearful that he had left the mountains too late to reach his beloved in time, Maur began to pump his legs even faster. Of all the time that has passed he could not bear the thought of having to wait for the wind songs return once it ceased; to see Lor once again. The larger than normal brindle coated satyr sped alongside the coast, the sun setting blurred. One more moon and there she would be.

Maur found himself moving faster with the wind before he realized he could no longer hear the music. "How will I find the sea without the wind?" He thought to himself. He put his snout in the air trying to smell for salt. One moon away; in either the eastern or western direction. Wind or not; Maur was determined to see his beloved fey again.

Some say that Maurs hooves hit the earth so hard that he cracked the world right in half and fell deep into the folds of the world. Some say that he was moving so fast that the wind trapped him into an inescapable cycle without destination. Some say the earth opened up and swallowed him like sweet fruit...

However; as the sun stretches out into the sea and disappears, Maur does the same.

Lor awaited Maur after the wind song ceased for 3 sunsets and sunrises before returning to the depths of the sea. Maur continued trailing the coast in search of the land bridge that led to the ocean. Only ever to find himself in the same spot where he first realized the wind song has ceased. Over and over again; never once did he stop circling, in search of his love.

Ode Satyr

I hope you know that I feel you.

I have spent a full eternity waiting for your hand to touch my hand;

for your heart to keep to mine.

Alas; Wherever you have gone I hope you will stay.

As you can't expect mermaids to not swim away...

My nature is with wander.

The Wanderer

I am unaware of how long it has actually been. I travel deeper and further in search of something with no description. At times; I feel I am cursed. Sentenced to the sea with no remembrance of creation and no hope for mortality. Finding comfort in the destruction I see and escape in the love that I seek; I am alone. Accompanied by only the echo of the sea and what you call drowning is my breath. So I journey deeper and deeper finding solace in the darkness that surrounds.

I am Lor; daughter of Koiat, great daughter of mighty Poseidon. As is everything that calls these waters home. Just another child of the sea. And it is the sea that raised me. As neither my father nor the God of the sea had a role to. “Listen to the wind and the waves my daughter, for they speak.” These words spoken to me by my father, centuries ago, back when the last tribe of mermein called upon him to assist in a war against humans.

Naturally; Mermaids do not depend on social or family units but throughout time there has always been a number of mers who choose to travel together. It has been centuries since I've known of one. I have matured to my own natural state of solidarity. Swimming quietly along the abyss; there is some peace that accompanies my fate.

For it has been decades since I've loved another. Decades have past me since I knew such rewarding passion and as I fought my every intention to release myself from you, I found I could not deny your embrace. Knowing you were an impossible venture as I could never have you in the depth of my element without drowning you. And I refused to leave the womb of the sea out of fear of what could become of me, you settled to meet me in between. I did love you for everything that you were; but just as I had always known in my heart, our love would be short lived. You left me awaiting you for moons after I'd expected you and I've yet to return to the place where the earth kisses the sea since. There is no love between mermein, only mating. Legend tells that the Great Father will grant to a mer who finds everlasting love in a land creature; a great end. Tales of legs, tales of mortality. Upon the last battle between men and mermein so many mermaids were stripped from the sea by men. some of them beheaded; burned on land bridges. Some others were hooked and hung by their fin as a ward against the sea warriors. Regardless; there is no eternal life I can speak of for a mermaid who ventures onto land. The legend, love or not loved; will always lead to death. Mer remain cursed by this sea; remaining in balance with this consistent lonely flow as opposed to a chance at the heart.

Often I wonder about this constant feeling of aimless hope. Hope for what? At ends with what could be but what is it I am searching for? Was I created simply to journey these seven seas on my own or with question; is there another purpose of my wandering ways? I will not deny that at times I've fantasized of succumbing to a love so sweet that I yearn to die enveloped in it. At once remembering that my greatest fear is that I cannot be certain and am pushed back down into the space that demands me to flee. Remembering that I want to be free of these constructs that call for connection and and remain safe in the wave of my depthless encounters. Overwhelmed by commitment; at times I feel I've been blessed. To take the backseat as the world carries on not having to ever once hold responsibility for the pain, for the loss; for the grief of man. Only expected to thrive, returning to the surface of the sea whenever my fears surface. Peering into the lust of others when my curiosities peak. I am the ultimate observer.

I remain both blessed and cursed. On an infinite plane of both searching and lost. From what or whom; I've yet to discover. But the why has always been clear, as it is simply; just my nature. As the waves are unpredictable, the moon; mysterious and the Great Father powerful, I am a mirror image. Along with being kissed by the sun and leathered by the winds am I just another child of the sea. A commoner in the kingdom. I am free, home.

To journey away from my niche can only be discussed through legend or prosperity. I am unsure of what would actually happen if I were to cross the land bridge to the soil. Mortality; I imagine my death quickly at the humans discovery of my origin. I will admit at some points I have been more enticed by that alluring song that the wind itself whispers through all of the worlds. The oldest and farthest traveled are the winds and then the wave. My father told me that the waves speak too but I have only been blanketed by their silence. The wind, although; holds the most hypnotizing voice. Seducing you like you like a Siren during hunt, inviting you like a bored Nymph. Acting as guide, assisting all along who surrender to its invitation of change. Returning religiously as the days grow longer and the nights shorten. And as expected as it is for the fruit to ripen; the wind will continue to sing to accompany the bees that dance from flower to flower and the creatures; sea, sky and land migrate along.

Pulling in even me from a place of indecision; pushing me upward and forward, as if forced to find which corner of the universe the wind calls from. Even I have been entranced by the music, finding myself ready to go wherever the wind may lead; be it to the land bridge or the sky itself. That's how I met you. The only land creature I have ever loved. I followed the winds song to find you frolicking like a butterfly in the valleys. It was there that i watched you, in awe of your unique brindle coat. And it was there that you spotted me, sent a wink my way and left me questioning the lightness in my heart quite like the butterfly I saw in you. That was the first time I saw you Satyr. And when the leaves changed color, the flowers dead, I waited for the rebirth of everything and to hear once again that beautiful wind song and follow once again its music to the land bridge. I did so for centuries, at first for the sake of following the music and in the end, strictly for you. So my enticement has dissipated over the recent years but even I have succumb to the temptation of seeking that beyond the sea. And even I have been presented with this great womb of Poseidon's, that all his children dwell in and I carry on with the safe knowledge that my eternal home is strictly within these waters. Love or no love, certain or uncertain I am always going to return within the sea. For this is who I am. A wandering presence. A silent observer. Both a blessing and a curse. The curious adventurer; daughter of a traveler and destined to always return home. Its quite simple actually. I remain; myself, naturally, instinct or reason. My body pulling with the message; swim. My mind constantly tapping in for me to go slowly; no rush where there is no time. This is simply the mermein way. The way it has always been for water fey. We are overtaken by the freedom to reason whilst adhering to our genetic calling to roam. There is no magic, no spells or wands. The magic is in the observation; any magic I could possibly possess would only surface over time as pure wisdom. The only supernatural power I possess; be time. I am given all that is time to what? I have only theory, whether it be to gain understanding of myself and my surroundings or journey towards new heights, all that I am left with is this time. So I venture further and farther without concept of a tomorrow and when tomorrow comes does my mind confuse it with today.

And since I've gripped my heart and put much distance between myself and the land bridge, this is how I will continue, further and farther. And if I've gone as far as the edge just to find that you still cross my mind then I would much rather reach over that edge in search of soil to find out for myself what will happen to the mer that ventures onto land. And if I am to die, the gift would be the sweet release from my circling thoughts of you and all that I did love you for. Not that I wasn't in a similar state of wondering before I knew you, I was. Ode Satyr; how comfortable I had gotten returning to you. It is for me to embrace that I shall never return again. Even though at times I may not always feel as it should be considered an embrace when I just want to bury my fears and embrace all that I have learned from these seas, observations and even you. As you did teach me many things. Educating me on satyr tribes and all that they have provided for man. Conversations playing over in my head, “You see this?” You show me a mark on your chest. I trace it smooth edges, “This is the kiss of Tooud, it represents the tribe I was born too.” You tell me of your family and how far they have journeyed all while never looking away from my hand on your chest. That moment, along with the feeling; is gone. Only does it reoccur in my mind , sneaking to the front of my head occasionally to remind myself just how comfortable you had made me. As far as I go, I fear my time spent with you will never leave me. And I only question why it is that with a love so committed, so pure; would you not return? Allowing myself to accept that to return to the land bridge would really mean accepting your rejection. And the chance that you love me somewhere and some way, after all of this passed time is what I truly fear. As I spent centuries crossing the entirety of the ocean just to be elevated by the great winds for one day and one night with you. I cannot bring myself to the moons that passed as my heart hardened like stone and I took my love and decided that it'd be easier to just convince myself that you loved me no more. How should I be able to freely wander knowing that you are somewhere? Knowing that maybe you have even returned to the land bridge all with intentions of loving me…

Either way that it may be; I will always return to the sea. For what lies beneath these silent waves is a home that vows security. A safe haven for me to unfold a lifetime of mystery. Your love and your pain may always remain in me, although physically, I can belong to no one; nothing. And as I journey on; eyes wide open, steady and constant, I may find love again. Love or no love; I am Lor, water fey and my nature, is with wonder.

© 2017 Christa Canady

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