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Observances of an Agonized Mind

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.


The Darkness Mixed With Dark Days

somehow can, without effort, take such a toll on one who is finding each day of suffering less and less hope of better days. A suffering soul is an honest soul because he has not once blamed his personal pain, nor has he lifted one finger in giving the blame to a dark enemy who is patiently lurking to take the rest of his life without as much as a whisper.

Loneliness can become a cleaving friend taking on the form of the one with an agonized mind. It helps, claims the walking victim of life because in life, somehow life becomes a game of Kidnapping knowing that if the man with an agonized man makes much of a protest for help, Loneliness will crawl back into the darkest caves of the Abyss knowing that the man with an agonized mind is alone. Completely alone.

While such agony, never spoken or labeled, only grows worse, more painful each day until depression anxiously-awaits this young man and gloats at the young man as (it) feels the life being funneled from the young man’s thinking until he can only bow on his knees defeated and still alone.

Nothing in this suffering soul's daylight hours makes any sense to him. He did learn how to hide himself in the dark places of his spirit, but that was short-lived as the Beast, (for lack of a better word), devised a variety of simple ways in order to not only invade, but to secure his thought process and take his ability to get to REM sleep. Such a sad case.

Escaping Such Torments

for those of this topic is always a tough challenge. Even the most-simple tasks become heavy-laden and without end--and as time goes by, the people suffering (these) mental adversities, only become silent, never making any attempt to move. They just sit and stare off into space. Tragic is the only way to describe such behavior.

And for those of this condition, there is little about a common remedy. Talk with professionals is about the only rung in the latter of stable mental status, but there are those of the higher-level of Mentality and it's various sides and explantion, who will, in some future day that such afflictions such as Dark Depression and Isolation will not only be dealt with in a healthy way, but addressed not as a disease, but an informality of the human mind.

But Day After Day

The young man slowly makes his way to his places of work, school, and church. But he can rest easy because only he can see and feel what agony that he feels inside. I ask you: is this any way to live?

May 3, 2019_________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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