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Samuel Franklin is a student and an aspiring writer, he prays that one day he gets an opportunity to show the world his writing skills.


Chapter 1
​ It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the Sun shined brightly in the sky radiating over the beautiful houses around. Its rays slowly crept through Olivia’s window, shining radiantly on her face through the little space in her curtain making her roll over. Olivia opened her eyes, and her favorite doll was lying next to her, its eyes closed like it was also taking a nap.
"Good morning Zoe", Olivia said stretching.
She yawned and swung her legs over to the side of her bed.
"What should we do today?" She asked as she jumped out of the bed. She walked to the toilet to brush her teeth and was back in no time.
Her stomach grumbled and she knew it was because of the little food she had eaten last night. She quickly grabbed Zoe and walked out of her room.
Olivia stopped in front of her parent’s room and took a quick peek into it. They were still both fast asleep and she didn't want to disturb them, so she walked down the steps quietly and made her way to the kitchen to prepare her favorite cereal.
She placed the cereal on the table and turned on the TV to see her favorite cartoon but no sooner had she done this when a News flash came on.

Chapter 2
A little boy was shown on the TV screen crying and the reporter announced that his bicycle had gone missing.
“We have to help him.” Olivia said to Zoe who was also paying rapt attention to the news.
Zoe turned to her. “Yes, this is a case we can solve.”
Olivia jumped excitedly, taking three quick scoops of her cereal before running up the stairs. “I have to prepare.” She shouted, almost hitting her parents who were coming out of their room.
Her mom smiled at her and bent down to hug her. “Good morning Olivia.”
“Good morning Mom.” Olivia replied hugging her tightly.
“Why is my princess so excited this morning?” Her Dad asked, lifting her off the floor.
“A boy just lost his Bicycle and Zoe and I are going to help him find it.”
Her dad placed her back on the ground. “It’s a good thing that there are children detectives like you to help kids in need. We’ll leave you to go prepare now.” He kissed her on her head and she ran off to her room.

Chapter 3
The Sun was already becoming more intense and Olivia was yet to find any evidence of the Bicycle whereabouts. She wiped off the sweat off her face, walking down the narrow road.
“Are you sure we are going the right way?” she asked Zoe who was sitting on her Shoulder.
“Yes.” Zoe answered. “The trail is still clear.”
“Are you sure it’s the missing bicycle, it could be any bicycle’s trail.”
“No, this trail leads from the last place the bicycle was seen and according to the kid; his bicycle was an Expresser. Only Expresser leave deep trails like this. I’m positive that we are going the right way.”
They continued along the path for a while until the trail went off the narrow road into the wood.
“I think the bicycle was stolen, probably by some bully.” Olivia said as she reached for her Case bag and grabbed a Beamer. She used it to scan the trail on the road and waved it over the floor of the wood until it was able to get a match of the exact trail.
“Got it.” She said, using the beamer to lead their way.
They continued into the wood until they heard some voices. A few kids were gathered around making jokes. Olivia looked past them and found the missing bicycle amongst the other bicycles that were there.

Chapter 4
Olivia quickly hid behind a tree and whispered to Zoe. “They stole the bicycle, and there is more than one kid involved.”
“The more, the merrier.” Zoe replied.
“How do you think we can get the Bicycle back?” Olivia asked Zoe.
Zoe sighed as he thought. “What are the contents of the Case bag?”
Olivia reached for the bag and started emptying it. “A lamp, a fake siren, an automated sound player, a baton and of course.” She stretched her hand. “A Beamer.”
Zoe looked over all the contents and an idea came to him. “The kids know that they had done a wrong thing and that’s why they are hiding in the woods, waiting for everything to die down. We could make them jumpy.”
Olivia nodded as she realized where Zoe was driving at. “The fake Siren, then what?”
“You still have the pre recorded gunshots audio don’t you?”
Olivia smiled; she knew what Zoe wanted to do. She picked up both the siren and the sound player. “Let’s do this.”

Chapter 5
Slowly, Olivia set up the fake siren and turned it on, putting its volume at the loudest. It blasted into the air.
“It’s the cops.” One of the kids shouted and immediately, they all ran towards their different Bicycle and started riding away from the siren.
“The Bicycle.” One of the kids shouted stopping and cycling towards the stolen bicycle. Olivia quickly turned on the sound player.
“Leave it, they will soon be here.” Another kid shouted and they both cycled away deep into the woods.
Olivia came out of hiding moments later and threw her hand into the air in jubilation.
“Good work Zoe.” She said and they fisted each other.
Olivia walked towards the Bicycle and cycled it out of the woods.
The young boy was excited to see his Bicycle and he jumped happily as Olivia handed it over to him. His parents were also very happy and they thanked Olivia for finding the bicycle.
Olivia got home and her parents were so happy to see her back.
“We saw the news and we are glad that you and Zoe were able to help that young boy. Come on in, we made it’s been a long day.” Her mom said as she pulled her in.

© 2019 Samuel Franklin