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When we all get to heaven.


Thank you father for keeping your promise. Thank you for healing my home. I will trust in you in your good judgements. I know you hold my soul in the palm of your hand. Forgive me for the fear that I have. Forgive my disobedience. If I can't do it, I know you can. Forgive me father, also my enemies.

Give me strength to overcome. When I fall, You pick me up. You love me unconditionally. You forgive every sin. When I am weak, you are right there to lift me. You restore everything the devil has took from me. You give abundantly. Your love it never fails, it has no limits. My path you keep it well lit for me. You wait patiently. You walk beside me. In your name we have victory.

You promise never to leave me, you forsake me not. Your grace is sufficient. A blessing to be counted in your fold. Long suffering, you keep your arm stretched out. You give life more abundant, you clothe me with your comfort. You wrap me secure. You believe in your children, your faith is perfected. Your plan is without blemish you faileth not. You are above all, always. Glory be your praise. Not mine, but yours, let your will be done.

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