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Katherine is a graduate of BS Criminology and currently waiting for her licensure examination. She's currently pursuing her writing career.

Love is happy from the very beginning, yet painful at the end

I have opened my heart, my mind, my life for a new love—new heartache. I knew that from the very first time you held my hand, its warmth will touch even the painful sound of my soul. I knew that the hugs you have decided to share with me will be my last resort of comfort. I knew that from the very depth of my pain, you will be my new hero; new hope.

Those first laugh, first story, fiest touch, even the first kiss—unforgettable to the point of missing you. Those every kiss around my skin; that gentle caress you have chosen to give me defines our happiness, my contentment of having you.

The excitement of our firsts; the whispers and embrace of your arms behind me; the heart-touching words from your lips—filled my mind and heart with butterflies. The happiness of our start; the love from our beginning, slowly fading away in front of my eyes. Those dreams, our future are turning into ashes together with your promise. Your doubts, your lies, your questions, tardily getting into a new form of heartbreak.

"Can I ask you a question?" I painfully asked.

"What is it?"

"Why is our precious beginning always turn into a miserable ending?"

"It's because the episodes of our lives aren't destined to be in a happily ever after chapters of a book."

© 2019 Katherine Rose Cortez

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