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No Longer For Granted


I'm different

When I make the choice to see you I'm going beyond the surface. When I decide to see you I'm not looking a you I'm looking into you. My gaze is not because you are so beautiful as I may claim it's that you hold so much substance I could partake in your delicacy infinitely.

That moment I decide to allow my lips to touch yours is not a kiss. No it's a contract. It's a seal because I don't share those with anyone unworthy of my investment. A kiss you give family and friends but I see you and you are more than my friend. We have grown and you don't know it. You are unknowledgeable that what has transpired is far beyond basic dating rituals. I don't date I court.

The day my hands begin to search your body as a hunt to find it's hidden treasures the validation of them being uncovered has it's own reward. However I'm not touching you I'm learning how you like to be held. I'm learning your touch sensors and how to calm you when you are upset and finesse you when you get in your own way. I'm a great student. There's purpose in my touch you feel it in my presence afterwards because I've left my impression.

The moment we travel to a more adult island my intentions are solidified. I do not move as a flag in wind I listen to the rhythm and of your breaths and the drum of your heart so that we are in sync. I don't seek to rush I pace to satisfy and my delight is in the lesson you did not know you were teaching yet you are most elated I learned where you hide your secrets because now I know and it's clear you are happy to have been found out.

It's easy to say I'm not like the other but you can tell from our conversation I'm not what you bargained for. You weren't ready for me and I came in strongly. I'm intense and by the time you realize that the love you needed and the love you wanted you had in your grasp but you weren't able to digest it because to you it wasn't time for it.

I will never again be taken for granted.