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No Matter Where You Are Right Now God Is Always Watching

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Reach Out

There is no shame in saying

I am having a tough time

Guide me with your wisdom

Hold me in your arms

I believe in you

I can make it through

I have faced many struggles in my life

You have helped me every time in the past

I had to learn

It took time

To see past the problems at hand

To refocus on the positive and the good

I think this is a perfect time

To thank you for your infinite power

That makes me explore love

Looking for more understanding

When I have a tough time

It has nothing to do with punishing me

It is only a simple lesson

One of many

That helps me live a fuller and more blessed life

Even if I can not see or comprehend

I know if I keep searching for the answers

The reasons will become clear

In God we pray

All through our life

Not just when we are in a mess

When a problem seems unfixable

How about when my life is looking up

I have the weight lifted off my chest

I look at the people all around me

They turn my tears into smiles

I type a few words

My mind is so powerful

Anything is possible