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Night Means Love

The moon shines bluer than Anna's eyes as the owls that were sitting on distant boughs coo-ed peaceful anthem. Aries' hand would never let go of hers while each of their hearts was singing along with the love song of the winds around them. The affection between their eyes were fiery in spite of chilly blows of mother forest.

"I shall say how fair thou art!
Thy soul heals my tears an' hurt,
Guise of an angel, thou art
My Anna, half of this heart!",

Aries said as they danced to the music of sea waves below the plateau while the pure joy rushing through his body.

While showing each other's feelings with the sway of their bodies, the plateau they were on started to rise, and rise until it was high enough for the lovers to feel the soft, cool touch of the night clouds and have more than a glimpse of the paradise beyond the moonbows.

They walked on the air, picking up every star on the way. Anna ate a star; it tasted really sweet, and she said to Aries:

"Thou knowest not how I love thee,
My Aries is the sweetest he
Thy words are sweeter than all these;
For thee, My smile, my laugh is free!"

After hearing those words from Anna, Aries felt that he's a great guy, and realized his luck that Anna is beside him.

The moment struck Aries as the most joyous event that would not happen again after a million years. The perfect scent of peace and love embraced his very spirit.

But the happiness never lasts forever; after only a few hours, the King of the Light, named Sun, appeared in the perfectly dimmed forest, holding a long trident. He burnt every swaying tree using his demonic-looking weapon causing the winds' love song turned into horror. The owls that were coo-ing anthem of peace flew away, and never came back.

Aries and Anna touched lips, unleashed their burning sensation despite the destruction of the world. Each of them sheds tears of love, but sadly Love would never be enough.

" 'Tis a night of lieful world
The sweetest lies to be hurled;
Thou must face the doom of thine,
Aries, your love will never shine!"

Sun said to Aries with a bittersweet look written on the King's face.

The whole night, including Anna, has been hurled by The King of the Light, and brought back Aries to the cell of pain, chaos and sins, the place that Aries called "HELL", the world which is called "REALITY"


© 2019 Eyji Noblesmith

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