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Next girl, please!


My heels make soft clicks against the pavement of Accra as I walk towards my destination. I am late, I wasted a good 20mins checking myself up in the mirror after I had finished dressing up, I checked how I looked smiling, laughing and finally walking.

I feel confident and judging by the appreciative glances I seem to be getting I had every right to.

I finally got to the trotro station and hopped into a car, I got a window seat, so I sent a quick thanks to the God of trotro and made myself comfortable.

In less than 10mins the trotro was full and we were on our way, then someone tapped me. I turned and realized it was the person behind me, it was a woman and she handed me a phone.

I turned to look at her with a blank expression and she pointed at someone behind her, I looked and it was a man. A very large man sitting at the back of the trotro and he mouthed these words “your number”.

I shook my head as politely as I could manage and returned the phone.

Within 20seconds the phone was back again I was annoyed this time, so I turned back again ready to tell the guy off only for him to tell me to give the phone to the next girl.

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