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Not When You Live

Updated on September 20, 2017


It is only when you die, you know(find out) the truth…

The truth of god’s, if there are any..

Truth about heaven, is it better..

Truth about hell.. can it be worse.

Truth about things that mattered..

Truth about people, we ignored they loved, they loved we ignored,

Should we have given chances to those we did not

Truth about destinies, truth about Love..

Truth that we lied, even if no one found out, I now wish they knew..

Truth about regrets, to what we think are regrets are only regrets when we die, there are no regrets when you are alive..

Should I have told that boy…we should’ve talked, how much more that story could have been…

So, many truths were all a lie..

I am a lie…

© 2017 Ashish Rastogi


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    • starim profile image

      Ashish Rastogi 3 weeks ago from India

      Its the experience we had...people we know...person we are...

      Thats makes both of us think the way we are right now...we stand on different sides on this...

    • Luke Holm profile image

      Luke Holm 4 weeks ago

      You can't have an opinion if you aren't thinking. Thinking is a prerequisite to opinion.

    • starim profile image

      Ashish Rastogi 4 weeks ago from India

      Everyone will always have their version of truth and says...

      Same as how you can always have an opinion without having to think...

      And yes the mind stops thinking...

    • Luke Holm profile image

      Luke Holm 4 weeks ago

      Perhaps "truth" is a human concept that no longer exists once the mind stops thinking.