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Mystery of the Purple Sea

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

This is a survival fiction written by Bangladeshi author Nazmun Nahar. Please enjoy your reading.

A huge ship is going on the chest of the blue sea. Although a huge ship, the population is only four hundred people. This ship is not going for business or travel purposes rather it is going to unravel the strangest and scariest mystery in the world. The ship is going for Miyant crossing Cristhan. Plan is that people on the ship will collect information about Cristhan and come back through Miyant.

Nian is staring at the deck of the huge ship that is running for Cristhan. The radiance of intellect in his face and the radiance of curiosity in his eyes are glowing. His curiosity is in every mystery thing. His sister Nia is even more curious than him. But Nia doesn't have as much intelligence as Nian. Eighteen-year-old Nia has joined the team to unravel the mystery with her brother. Nian is five years older than his sister, but they look like they're same-age siblings. Seeing Nian sitting like this, Nia asked, "Brother what are you doing? Why are you sitting with such a depressed feeling?"

Without turning his head to Nia, Nian sighed and said, "

Will we come back alive? "

Sailing ship

Sailing ship

Nia smiled and said, "Why not?"

"We are slowly moving towards Cristhan."

Nia shook her head and said, "Hmm, that's the real secret. That's what we're looking for."

Nian sighed and said, "The Cristhan which is so hideous. Don't know what's in there. There is something that's not just a mystery but also dangerous. I wonder why it hides all the ships or other marine boats, launches, steamers, jet-planes that have gone there. Those ships,boats, launches, steamers,jet-planes have never come back. Cristhan ate them for sure. Even the wreckage has not been found. God knows if there is something that shouldn't be solved. "

Nia was very surprised, because Nian had never been afraid of anything, and today there is a clear sense of fear in his voice. Nia asked, "Brother, are you scared?"

Nian shook his head and said, "Hmm."

Nia said in surprise, "Wonder! Why?"

Nian stood up, turned his head to Nia, and said, "For you."

Nia was even more surprised and said, "For me?"

In a haughty tone, Nian said, "Yeah, I'm worried about you. Why did you join this team without telling me?"

"You didn't tell me either. I found out. How did you think I'd let you go to Cristhan alone?"

Nian looked up at the sky and said, "What will I say to our parents if something happens to you?"

Niao looked up at the sky and said, "Nothing will happen to us, brother. Our parents are always praying for us from above."

At the captain's announcement, Nian and Nia fell silent. They heard the captain warn everyone that there could be a problem. Others say they don't know what this Cristhan place will be like. So he said to be ready after thinking about all kinds of situations that can happen.

Nia didn't sleep at night, her sleep was gone worrying about Cristhan. They are going there to solve the mystery. Yes, it's definitely dangerous while they are going. All of them are mystery hunters. Whether they die or not they would go to hunt the mystery. The ship will reach Cristhan tomorrow.

Just before dawn, the alarm began to sound on the ship. Everyone was surprised to see the Cristhan. It's water were purple, not blue, it's not like normal sea water. No one has ever returned from Cristhan, no one in Cristhan has ever been able to communicate with the outside world, so no one in the outside world knows what a place Cristhan really is. Ships used to pass by Cristhan side, and the crew there said the water was purple. For thousands of years,this little was known about Cristhan. It is not that no one has ever come here to unravel the mystery. Many ships have come, jets have come but never returned. Cristhan is also invisible in the satellite, so the satellite cannot give any information. Everyone in the world has different ideas about Cristhan, some say it is the kingdom of demons, some say it is surreal, some say it is controlled by magic, some say it is the influence of evil and supernatural forces.

pexels photo

pexels photo

Everyone on the ship is getting ready. The captain is overseeing everything. The best shooters in the world put large automatic weapons around the deck of the ship, placed missiles in the windows of each cabin, and marine scientists used their test equipment to see if they were functioning properly. A few people were sent on board the ship, they would look around with binoculars, report any unusual sightings to the captain. For defense, everyone has a rifle and a sharp knife with poison. Some people see that the security of fuel and food is right.

Everyone came here voluntarily, everyone had the courage to come, but as the ship sailed towards Cristhan, their fears grew. Once in Cristhan, no one will be able to communicate with the outside world, so everyone is calling and talking to their loved ones, who knows, this may be their last word. Only Nian and Nia don't have to talk to anyone. Nian holds Nia's hand tightly. He doesn't want to lose his sister at all. Everyone's hearts were pounding, and they arrived at Cristhan in fear and amazement. Blue and purple water did not mix with each other. It is as if an invisible wall separates the blue and purple water, so that they do not merge with each other. Is there really an invisible wall here?

Everyone is looking at the beauty of Cristhan in amazement. Staggering purple water, as far as the eye can see only staggering purple water. Several islands can also be seen, scattered here and there.Although the whole sea may seem innocent at first glance, it is a terrible place. Even then, no one realized that a greater danger was waiting for them than they had imagined. Everyone was very careful for the first few hours, when they saw that there was no danger and no cause for concern, so they all went to lunch. Nia was going to her cabin with everyone, but Nian told her, "Nia, tell everyone not to leave."

Nia was surprised and said, "Why brother? Everyone is tired. It's been a few hours and there's no danger. "

"It's a sign that danger is imminent," Nian said calmly.

"Brother, stop worrying. Let's eat and drink. There's no rest."

"You go."

"Brother, come too."



"I told you to go."

"Okay, I'll be right here. I'll go back with you when I see there's nothing happening."

Nian said nothing and remained silent.

Trying to understand the situation through binoculars. Nia is sitting on the deck and puts her palm on her cheek. Suddenly it seemed that the ship was moving slowly. Nia hurriedly stood up. Nian held the automatic weapon tightly, and seeing him, Nia held the weapon tightly too. The ship moved again, this time not gently, but hard. One side of the ship sank, and all the automatic weapons which were set up on the deck fell into the sea, and everyone inside the ship ran unprepared. From the bottom of the purple water, the strange creature, bigger and fiercer than the anaconda, raised its head and started hissing like a snake. It's too big. Everyone was shooting at the animal together with the rifle given for defense. The white and slippery body of the animal was pierced by bullets and blue blood gushed out of it, the sound of hissing came out louder. It seems that he is screaming in pain. The huge wave slowly sank into the sea. Everyone then breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone looked at the floating automatic weapons, those were sinking one by one. Everyone became depressed. In a single day, more than half of the weapons sank in the sea due to negligence. How can they survive for a few days? How to defend from death?

The captain turned the ship to the north, which was moving nicely through the purple water.

Late at night, there is no light except on the deck of the ship and inside the corridor .But looking at the purple sea in the moonlight, it seems to be part of a fairy tale. Suddenly everything began to turn upside down, a great storm arose in the sea. At once all the lights of the ship lit up.Just as Nian knocked on the door of Nia's cabin, Nia opened the door. Her frightened voice said, "What's up bro?"

Without saying a word, Nian went in and slammed the door, and said, "Open the window."

What she saw from the window made her face turn WOW. The huge fish jumps up with a big wave, pushes with the water and goes under the water, jumps up again from the bottom and the ship keeps changing, if it continues like this, the ship will break and shatter. Nia said in a frightened voice, "What will happen now brother?"

Nian said in a very calm voice, "Trust in God, there is no other way but to pray right now. Whatever He does, he does it for good."

After a while everything calmed down. There is no way to understand the tumult that happened a little earlier. Security personnel were checking that the main parts of the ship were in good condition. Security personnel said everything from the engine was fine, but a large part of the ship's lower deck was broken. It will take a few days to fix this but the ship will sink in a few hours at the rate at which the water is rising. So he saw an island nearby with a telescope and anchored there. By then it was six in the morning. The next day, as usual, work began on repairing the lower deck of the ship, in fact a large part of it had collapsed, much damage had been done to the island, and it was impossible to get to the wreck without proper repairs. On the other hand, it is essential to make necessary arrangements to stay on the island for some time, so it is better to build small houses by providing wood, all together a lot of work. Timber is readily available on the island, so many have gone to the island to procure timber with weapons and equipment, and others are repairing shipwrecks. Nian and Nia went to get wood. Nia's neck hurts as she looks at the tall tree. She put her hand on her neck and said to Nian, "How can I cut down such a big tree?"

"I'm very surprised," Nian said.

She frowned and asked, "Why?"

"Alas, foolish girl, don't you think the island is very strange."

"Why? Island contains trees and there are trees too. Is it any wonder?"

"I'm not saying that."


Nian gently placed his hand on the trunk of a large, tall tree and said, "This tree and its leaves have a purple tinge."

Nia may have noticed the matter for the first time, she said, "Really!"

"Have you noticed another thing?"


"Even after entering the depths of the island, I did not see a single bird."

Nia widened her eyes and said, "Wonder! Really!"

Nian bowed his head and thought, "Why isn't there a bird on a deep island full of huge trees?"

"Brother, this is Cristhan, anything can happen here. It hurts to think so much."

The sun has set, and the deck has been repaired much earlier than it should have been. There is no danger, so everyone goes to bed in the evening after dinner. But no one could have imagined that tonight would bring extreme misfortune to their foreheads.

It is not possible to estimate how long the night has been because it is pitch dark all around. Nian suddenly hears the sound of screaming and horror humming on the ship.

He tried to understand what's happening outside his room. Maybe something dangerous has happened. He got down from the bed and held the rifle on the table. He put his hand lightly on the door of the cabin. When he heard the sound of horror humming, he stopped in front of his door. He listened carefully at the door. When he heard a terrible scream, he ran away from the door, again he went to the door in fear, he could hear the muffled screams and horror humming. Nian's forehead and neck were sweating, and his body trembled with fear. He heard some more nonsensical screams, screams and growls. He doesn't know what's going on, but it's not good. He closed his eyes and thought of Nia, his trembling hands turned on the light of the cabin and at that moment someone seemed to run away from the door. Nian quickly opened the door and in fear Nian slammed the door, screamed and closed his eyes at the horrible sight in front of his eyes, slowly opening his eyes and opening the door again. The half-eaten human body was lying in front of him, his face was incomprehensible, his eyes were out in fear, his nose and mouth were eaten. Frequent fresh blood came out and got wet around the deck, stomach and intestines came out, someone scratched the rest of the body, the deck was soaked in blood and was entering Nian's cabin. At that moment a scream was heard in his front cabin too. He kicked the door a few times and broke into the cabin, pressed the light switch and turned on the light. What he saw made him tremble with fear. The creature in the cabin is sitting on a human body, it's a monster, biting the man's neck and giving out horror humming. the human was screaming in pain. Unbearable pain. The creature tore his stomach and took out his entrails. When Nian lit up the room,the animal screamed and ran away. No one in the world could have imagined that something as terrible as this animal could exist. Blue and purple hairy four arms and four legs, bloody long nails, human-like appearance, jaw teeth as long, sharp as ferocious carnivores, fresh blood dripping from the teeth, human-like eyes but those eyes are unusually large and violent. It was as if a madman was eating another civilized man. The light was unbearable for it, so it ran away, only the half-eaten man staring at Nian with frightened empty eyes. Nian saw that the man was still alive, moving his lips lightly, he tried to listen to what the man was saying by putting his ears close to the man's mouth. The man said in a broken, weak voice, "I can't stand it, ah ... release me."

Nian saw tears streaming down the corner of the man's eyes, mingling with the blood on the deck. He cried. He was feeling the urge and love for this stranger. He pulled the trigger of the rifle in his hand and fired at the man's forehead. He took the rifle on the table in the cabin, opened the bullets and filled his pocket, took out his mobile phone, turned on the light and started walking down the corridor towards the nearest cabin. His chest is trembling as he walks towards the nearby cabin. There are only corpses and corpses around, no one is left. The deck of the corridor is bloody. While walking cautiously on the blood, Nian stopped and heard someone walking down the aisle. The light of the mobile kept on the side, if the condition is bad, the rifle can be used. But it seems that the person who's coming is very careful with his steps, no one but the human will do such a thing. When Nian realized it was a human, he hurried to meet that human on the other side of the corridor. The human is no one else, but Nia. That's all. Nian was very happy to see Nia and cried and hugged her. Nia also cried when she saw her brother. Nian and Nia trembled with fear at the sound of loud humming. Nian grabbed Nia's hand, entered the side cabin, turned on the light, and locked the door from the inside. Nian turned to Nia and said, "Do you understand?"

Nia shook her head and said, "Yes."

"Now you must understand why there is not a single bird on this island?"

"Everything has become the food of these beasts."

"There was no attack from morning to evening, do you understand why?"

"They can't tolerate light."


Nia raised her head towards Nian and said, "What shall we do now brother?"

Nian sighed and said, "Hey, we have to stay here. We'll see if anyone else is alive tomorrow."

Nia sighed and Nian asked her, "How do you know they can't stand light?"

"The light in my cabin was on, I was reading Arthur Conan Doyle's book. I could hear screams and horror humming. Then."


"I went out of the cabin with the rifle, looked at the front cabin, the door was open and there was a half-eaten corpse of a man. The condition of the surrounding cabin was the same. Only my cabin was safe. I was going to your cabin with my rifle without thinking so much. I met you in the corridor. "

Nian slapped Nia on her head and said, "Why was it necessary to take so many risks?"

She shook her head and said, "I'm worried - what can we do now?"

"I said we'll see it tomorrow. I hope lucky people like us are still alive on the ship."

"Do these animals hide during the day?"

"Yes definitely. I guess they must have their own caves or places where the sun doesn't reach during the day."

Unfortunately, no survivors were found except the injured captain. Captain's arm was cut off and he bled profusely. He must have survived a fight with one of those animals last night. Nia and Nian gave some fortifying food and drink to the captain with medicine, ensured fuel safety, food security, solar power connections, and spent the rest of the day repairing the deck. The stench spread from the corpses, it was not possible to dig the ground to bury so many dismembered corpses, so the three of them threw the corpses in the water, cleaned them with a cleaner so that they would not die at the stench. Before evening, the three took shelter in a cabin After eating dinner, the three of them fell asleep with fatigue in their eyes. The sound of horror humming was heard on the other side of the ship that night, but they were not harmed.

The next morning, the captain lifted the anchor and left the ship. Nian was helping the captain, he had already learned to sail. Increased the security of the ship with stored weapons It was freezing cold for the cool current of the purple water of the sea. They patrolled from one end of the ship to the other, carrying warm clothes, carrying walkie-talkies and rifles in their hands. Only the captain sits in the control cabin and sails. Sometimes Nian comes and inquires. After a long day's work, they turn on the lights at night and take a break. In this way three of them get a chance to rest. Nothing much has happened in the next few days, but they know the danger is not over, so far as the border is concerned. The captain was worried about whether they were moving forward the wrong way. The direction has not been working at all since they came to Cristhan. The captain sat in the control cabin with his hands on his head. Nia's screams were heard on the walkie-talkie, and the captain sighed and asked in a worried voice using the walkie-talkie, "Is something wrong with Nia?"


"Where are you?"

" The West..aaahhh...aaahh .. will eat me."

Then the sound of gunfire was heard. The captain quickly went to the west and saw a strange creature with huge wings. It has four slender legs, seven small toes on each foot, a huge tail at the back, a horn like a unicorn (a fictional unicorn with a lion's tail described in Greek and Latin mythology), large magical eyes and beautiful soft white feathers all over its body. Two bullets hit one part of the abdomen and the white feathers turned red with blood. Nia is lying on the deck, Nian is standing with a rifle in front of her. It means Nian shot the creature. The captain ran and said, "Are you all right?"

No one said a word, only Nia ran like crazy and put her hand on the animal's stomach and tried unsuccessfully to stop bleeding. "Brother, help me to stop bleeding," she said, sobbing.

"Get out of here. I'll kill it before it kills us."

Nia cries out, "No, brother."

Nian said angrily, "Why not? It wanted to eat you."

"No. I was scared, I thought it would eat me. Later I realized it was an innocent creature. Having a huge body and looking fierce yet very innocent. Where did you come from and shoot?"

"But .."

Before Nian could finish his speech, the captain said, " Nia, go and grab a first aid box and bandage it. Nian, you should come with me to the control cabin. I guess we made a mistake."

Nian looked at Nia once, turned his head and started walking with the captain with the rifle.

In the evening, Nia knelt on the deck, sat down in front of the animal, and looked into the eyes full of love and said, "What do you eat? Don't you feel hungry?"

The creature stared into Nia's eyes like an omniscient. Then Nia trembled once in the very cold air, so the animal wrapped its long tail around Nia's waist and brought it close to its chest and covered Nia with its wings so that no cold wind could harm Nia. The whole time Nian was staring at the animal with a sharp rifle in his hand. The captain said, "Look, it loves Nia very much."

"I don't believe in that creature either. Everything in Cristhan is deceitful, this love can also be deceitful."

Nia frowned, "Don't talk about Cherry like that, brother."

"What ... what did you say?"

The captain laughed and said, "Did you name it too?"

Nia smiled and shook her head, "Yes."

Nian got annoyed and left. Cherry's immune system is very good, and in a few hours it healed the wounds and went in search of food. Nia thought she would never see Cherry again, but Cherry was back that night, holding a thick vine in its front legs. Leaving them on the deck, they lie down on the side and sometimes chew the vines . Nia started to put her hand on it's head. Nia remembered that they had lost their direction, now it is not possible to find the right direction. If they can't find the right direction, they have to spend their whole life in the sea. It is impossible to live in this sea for the rest of their life. The only way to survive was to find the right direction, which seemed impossible. The captain's head is spinning as he thinks about how the wrong direction went wrong. The cool air in the sea is increasing.

Shelter on cherry wings is a very comfortable, very warm place. At first he was annoyed by his sister's behavior but now he is smiling a lot. Today, he thinks that his sister is still young. Nia woke up in the morning with Nian's scream. She was still snuggling inside the Cherry's wings. Cherry got up quickly, looked up and saw something, and immediately flew into the sky. The ship broke down. It would be wrong to say that it is actually broken, in fact it has been broken intentionally. Captain, Nian and Nia went to check in fear. Terrible mermaids live in this place of the purple sea, they want to eat whenever they see people or any other land creatures. A little while ago, they saw the captain standing by the railing, then they tied up and broke the part of the ship under the water with sharp teeth and nails. The ship is sinking slowly, the mermaids below are waiting for them to eat. The Cherry began to fly around the ship again and again. The more the ship goes under the water, the more the mermaids break it. There is no other way to survive. The ship is breaking down and sinking completely. Cherry repeatedly comes to Nia and tries to explain something. At last the captain raised his voice and said, "What does Cherry mean?"

Dark forest

Dark forest

Nia raised her voice and said, "I don't know. My head isn't working."

"Sitting on Cherry's back will save us for now," Nian said.

The ship will sink in a short time. Below are giant mermaids waiting with sharp teeth and awkward looks.

The captain said again, "Does that Cherry mean that Nia?"


Nian raised his neck and said, "Cherry, cherry,take us on your back, otherwise we will become mermaid food."

Cherry seemed to be waiting for it. It fluttered it's wings and approached them. One by one they sat on the back of the Cherry. Meanwhile, the ship almost sank, the mermaids sounded angry. Very strange and horrifying. It is not clear where the Cherry is flying. Nia wants help to cross Cristhan. All parts of Cristhan are known as the palm of the hand to Cherry.. As a result of sitting on the back of the Cherry, a gust of cold air comes and shakes the bones. The sun was setting in the west, it looked like an egg yolk, a big yolk. It is as if the purple sea is slowly eating away. Sitting on the back of the Cherry all day. They enjoyed the extraordinary variety of mortuary like Cristhan. Eating and drinking did not come to mind. While flying, they saw more birds like Cherry. Some birds are bigger than Cherry, some birds are smaller, they have their own diversity, not everyone has white feathers like Cherry. Purple, yellow, red, blue, pink and many more. Whenever Nia looks down, her heart trembles with fear. Sitting on the back of Cherry is enjoyable but looking at the dawn, it's much more horrible. Cherry was carrying them back safely, the sun had set, but its red glow still filled the sky. Looking at the beach in the distance, is that Cristhan's final destination? What's next?

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunset

Cherry stood on the beach and spread its wings. Nianb got down from his back and hugged Cherry's neck first. His hand was too small to hold Cherry's neck completely. Sighing and crying, Nian came over and gently stroked Cherry's forehead. Cherry's adorable eye was teary-eyed. By seeing the water of Cristhan , it's

Was horrifying. Nian was about to cry and he said, "I'll never forget you. No. '' Tears welled up in Man's eyes as he said this, and said in a broken voice, "it gave you pain…. very hard .. was it?"

The captain put his hand on Cherry's forehead and said, "If we hadn't found you in Cristhan, we would have perished like everyone else. Thank you."

Nia is crying. She took a kiss on Cherry's cheek and said, "Take care of yourself. Even if you are not present with me, you will be in my heart for the rest of my life."

Who knows what Cherry understood? He screamed . The sun's red radiance is not dark all around, but one thing that is very bright on the beach is the path to the middle, a sphere from which intense purple light has come out. All three realized that Cristhan was in fact a parallel place. By the end of crossing the sphere, they were repeatedly looking at the shape of the Cherry in the dark. An animal has occupied their hearts. Made love and bond with them. But now everything is so sad. Cherry's tears fell on the beach sand and mingled with it, even though it was not visible in the dark. Niara was feeling right

A few years have passed Nia and Nian talk about the purple sea of ​​their children .How the brothers and sisters were always with each other, how they did not lose their morale in danger, the captain says, how they sat on the back of the Cherry and went to the beach, how they crossed the sphere and reached the beach of Miyant, everything they tell the children. The children listen to them repeatedly, it does not become old for them

The mystery of the purple sea has never been revealed, no one has ever been there. Everyone in the world seemed to stop breathing in the information that Nian gave.

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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