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Mystery Untold

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I have a vast interest in numerous topics. I write about many different things.

“Hello…is there anyone there?” questions Rene her voice echoing through the room as she slowly walks into her silent living room. She had been upstairs working on her book when she heard a loud crash come from downstairs. Wanting to investigate but believing more that she was hearing things she grabbed her robe and slowly made her way quietly down the stairs.

She stood outside the living room doorway for many minutes before finally turning the corner and entering the room. Speaking once more Rene makes her presence known, but never gets the chance to finish her sentence, “Hello, I heard the noise go ahead and make yo………...”

As night closes in no other sounds are heard from within the house at 606 Elm Lane.

The next morning the cops are moving in and out of the house. “Detective, we found a young woman in the living room.” States one of the deputies as he comes up to stand beside Detective Watkins.

“Cause of death?” questions Watkins looking over at the young deputy.

“Not sure yet, sir.” Answers young deputy Andrews “The medical examiner is in route to the scene now.”

Turning slowly Watkins nods to let Andrews know that he heard him. “I am going to walk through the house again.” States Watkins, “Who did you say called the police?”

Taking a moment to think deputy Andrews responds, “The housekeeper, sir, she said she comes every two days to clean the house and help the young miss with the gardening.”

Nodding Watkins replies, “Thanks, I am going to pass through the house once again and then talk to the housekeeper.”

Letting out a slow breath Andrews nods, “Yes, sir.”

© 2018 Vic Watts