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My Werewolf

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The great white wolf

In 1585 during the holy war my family tried to flee the religious slave colonies but were captured in america by churchmen and were massacred. they kept me alive for my young age hoping to enslave me to their god.

After the end of this holy war the victims of this killing such as myself were possessed by benevolent and strict churchmen to our religious education, we were no more than slaves in their eyes we got up very early and went to bed very late doing the daily work that was assigned to us in the morning, there were times we were punished for trying to escape, times we were rewarded for increasing our religious knowledge about their religion.

I had a new name and they called me zephyr which means "gentle wind".

From the moment I was born I never had any semblance of stability, living in fear became a familiar habit for me.

They would often assign me small chores like irrigation, fetching water from the river, or gathering wood from the road and putting it in my bag to bring to them for heating.

But one day my semblance of stability was going to be toppled all of a sudden on the road of the return on a small mountain where there were gerberas a plant resembling the
sunflowers but even more beautiful than usual, there were all kinds of colors, I have never seen such a carnival of colors in my life! Without a doubt the plants attracted me, by curiosity and the desire to possess them I picked several. But on the way back I slipped and fell over the small mountain and passed out, when I woke up it was already dark it was cold and very quiet you could think that all the animals in the forest had died that night my foot was stuck I could not run away or call for help because a sudden fear invaded me it was as if my instinct shouted at me not to shout that night for help,

In the forest that night I felt that someone was watching me very closely, very closely.
So much so that I felt a sharp breath behind my neck, a wind so cold and premonitory of my death.

I adhere to a death without pain or regret but not to a death in ignorance.
I had to discover the appearance of the one who stood behind me with an icy and merciless breath.

As I turned around my foot retreated from where it was stuck and my eyes met the eyes of a large white wolfish man with a calm, unblinking gaze.

Am I already dead, am I just a piece of meat rambling to this giant, unmoving animal at my fearful gaze?

And the great white wolf ignored me and divagated my death and went on his way I don't know what urge or desire guided me that night but I followed that wolf, I wasn't attracted by the danger but by the contempt of the wolf that had my life in its fangs but refused to take it.
I wanted to know if it was out of pity or because my life had no organic value in his eyes.

The wolf went to a cave
often called the "demon cave" by religious men, I finally gave up the chase when I remembered the past of this cave.

I did indeed pay for my absence by being whipped by the religious men

I didn't care about the pain, the only thing I had in mind was to see again this great white wolf, majestic and elegant, with a vegetarian look that surprised me to no end.

so as not to forget the way to this cave i marked the way to this cave with the gerberas i had picked.

leaving them on the road as a sign of direction.

When I arrived in front of this cave I immediately wanted to go back to where I came from.

but my curiosity is the only captain of my soul that loves atypical creatures of all kinds.

Between no matter if it was necessary that death follows

Some legends say that the cave of the demons was a place where religious men used to kill sinners, but according to the rumor it was abandoned because of paranormal activity carried out by the dead of these places crying for revenge and reparation.

With surprise I discovered an inhabitant of the cave who was half naked and asleep.

Dozens of questions crossed my mind, what to do with a young lady with such a fragile and innocent face, such a robust body and a delicate air in the cave.

Didn't she feel cold in that wet cave? Didn't she hear the rumors of that cave? I wondered if she was alive.

I moved closer to her face, a face that was asleep but warmed my heart deprived of love, a face whose beauty could not be matched by the gerberas that I adore so much.

She looked innocent and so fragile. In this cave of demons there was no demon but an angel so fragile to my eyes

and dazzled by her wild beauty.

Are you alright ma'am?

She woke up and stared at me, it was strange

Her gaze seemed familiar to me, a merciless and unshakeable gaze.

She looked at me for a moment and then said:

-Are you lost my child?

and I answered undecided:

no I am not

I am looking for a white wolf

a big white wolf.

-really, what do you want with this white wolf?

I would like to bring him some meat.

-What meat and what makes you think he eats meat?

What! a wolf that doesn't eat meat doesn't exist!

-Of course it exists, you've just never met one.

And why are your hair so white, lady?

-Go home and don't come back.

What did I do?

a long silence that would become awkward and I went home.

On the way back I thought if I had chosen my words well I could have seen that wolf and suddenly I stopped walking and talked to myself saying that the big white wolf could be her.

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