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My True Other Half

I wake up with a start, gasping for air as I remember the day. It is only ten o’clock in the morning, I still have time. I throw off my blankets and slip on my bedroom slippers, no sooner my feet touch the carpet. I quickly go to the bathroom, after a few minutes I head straight to my cell phone. I call every five-star restaurant and they are booked for today. I decide to do the next best thing. So, I make a list of everything that I am going to need for tonight.

I head straight to my first stop, which is called “Place for you”. My wife loves this place, but I do not really like this place. I do know that they have exactly what I need. I walk in and head straight to the table clothes. I find the perfect one, it is silk with hearts, and I can write a personal message on it. I pick it up and I also look at the correct markers for this tablecloth.

Now, I can hurry to my next store. Which is? think ... think dang it think! Oh yes, the flower shop to get, well roses are basic. I am not a basic kind of female; I can get just all kinds of flowers and peddles. That will not be basic, will it? No, it will not be. I will make sure of it. I hope I do this right. Here it is the name is Red Love.

I pull into the parking lot and walk in, as the door opens the door makes a loud cling. My heart starts to pick up thinking that I broke the glass door. I look up and I see a lady that looks to be in er fifties just smiling at me. I tried to apologize, but she said I did nothing wrong. The door just needs to be fixed, I look at it and notice that the bell was broke. I smile and pull out a washer that I had in my right front pocket; I ask for a piece of ribbon. I take it out of her hand and tie it on the washer, I look around for a chair and I pick it up. I walk it over to the door and tie it to the bell. I move the bell on the door, I push the chair to one side. I open and close the door and it makes a ting sound. She smiles and asks me if she can help me with anything? I smile back and said yes you can. I would like one pink rose and white rose, I also would like a four dozen of all kinds of peddles from different flowers please. I look at her and see that she is puzzled on my order, I smile and explain why. I forgot that today is our anniversary and we been married for two years that is why I want two roses and the colors are unique. The four dozen peddles is different also, it is out of the norm for people, she is different and unique. So, I keep things out of the norm because she thinks very outside the box, to help remind her of this. She smiles and gets my order ready; I knew that it was going to be at least fifty dollars. She says that it is twenty dollars please, you fixed my door out of the kindest of your heart. I said. Thank you, as I was grabbing my bags and handing her the money. As I was walking out the door, I said keep the change.

I get in my car, now I need the grocery store. I grab my list of everything that I need to make filet mignon with rich balsamic glaze, a side salad, and a chocolate sphere with small heart shape cake to be revealed when the hot chocolate syrup gets poured on it. I need to get the perfect wine to go with dinner, but what kind? Oh, the wine store will have her favorite called Ironstone Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and the year she likes 2017. Awesome, I have one more store to go to. It took an hour to get everything and now I am off to the wine store.

I finally got home after two hours of shopping, I start making the main course that takes an hour and half to cook, then I start making the dessert and after I get that in the freezer. I can make the small salad. Awesome, I will have to work on the decorations while everything is going on. I can do it; I have two hours before she gets home. Plenty enough time, right? After an hour of prepping and getting the dessert in the freezer and the side salads in ice box. I was ready to start the decorations.

I lay the tablecloth out and wrote in the blank spot “My one and only true love that always brightens my life. You are the other half that makes me whole. I love you and I still cannot believe in all these years you picked me.” I sit out the crystal wine glasses on both sides of the table with a coffee cup with the matching saucers, the side salad plates and the dinner plates. I fold the napkins in a heart right next to the stacked-up plates with a salad fork, dinner fork, butter knife and the coffee spoon on the coffee saucers. It looks so gorgeous; I sit two silver candelabras that can hold six candles in the middle of the kitchen table. I start sitting candles all over the house it has the most beautiful glow. I grab the peddles and gently, softly sprinkle them from the door to the dining table. After that I lead them away from the table going to the bathroom, where I start to run a hot bubble bath. So, it is not cold before she gets in it. I sprinkle some in the bath water and lead on to the bedroom. I sprinkle some around the bed and I lay the peddle on the bed that says, “will you marry me again?” No sooner I hear her key enter in the keyhole, my heart skips a beat. I hurry to the kitchen, as she walks in.

© 2021 Tosha Alston

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