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My World and My Life

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What I See Is What I Get

On the surface

The view of trees and mountains in the background

A pale sky from far to my left to all the way to my right

The clock reads the time

A digital series of numbers


I woke up from a deep sleep

My alarm clock loud and clear

Voices that should be music

Annoying sounds disturbing me from my peaceful and restful state

I am not bitter but confused

As my thoughts clarify like butter

I realize now is the right opportunity to get up

Wash my work clothes

A job I put off for the past two days

I have a pair for today

So no immediate rush

Unlike the urge to go the bathroom

That became my main objective

I gather up my clothes by pulling them out of my plastic hamper

Head downstairs to put them in the washer

I hear the beautiful sound of my cellar pump working

With heavy rains last night and a lot of melting snow

Our water table is high

I choose to write a little

Are my writings just a series of endless thoughts on paper

I like to think of it as so much more

I road map to where I am right now at my present moment

Then the next direction my physical body will go

Is my mind separate from my body ?

Already deciding my choices instantly

Like morning oatmeal that mixes so well

Adding the oatmeal and water

Putting it in the microwave for a minute at a time

Watching the oatmeal rise when the beeping stops

Then putting it in for another minute

My wife stirring in her bed

Asking what time is it ?

Everything downstairs o.k. ?


I have put my cell phone on charge

It was at 72 percent

My phone charger works some of the time

Where the charger plugs into the phone

A plastic piece has broken off

So I raise the wire cord sometimes under envelopes or a cloth

To prop it up

To fix it they wanted one hundred and fifty dollars

I would buy a new phone first

My phone works good otherwise

So I keep using my own home remedies

They work sometimes but not all the time

Each method seems like a good solution

I have tried using duct tape

To pull the pieces in close

Once again my results are random

Life continues to be a series of events

I feel like I am making my own mind up

Deciding for myself

Is it really true ?

As I learn more about life

I also learn more about the way to live my life

As I continue on my journey

I will be observing the world around me

Seeing and feeling how our lives connect