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My Window On Life.

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This simple little poem hopefully proves that we do not always need long words to pass that message of contentment and happiness along. I hope you enjoy.


Life is so precious

Moments to care;

Gems and treasures

Moments to share.

Rainbows are blessed

Colours enhance;

Raindrops magical

Nature's dance .

Each second flows

Minutes multiply;

Hours and days

Oh how they fly.

The cow's in the lea

Horses a-grazing;

Fulfilment we crave

Happiness overflowing

Waves a-crashing

Cliffs steely grey;

But all add colour

To each new day.

Each brand new dawn

My heart so true;

From my window

I share with you.

I hope you've enjoyed this simple little poem and it is so nice to be back here on HubPages once again. Starting a full time and very demanding job left little time for writing and I needed that break away but as every writer knows that writing bug will never leave us alone for longer than deemed necessary!!!! I am going with the flow and time will tell how often I am able to read and publish on here. I am now also looking forward to getting back in touch with old friends and making new ones.

All the best from my corner of Wales.

Eiddwen(Eddy). xxxx

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