My Summer Zinnias

Zin Zin

Zinnia 1
Zinnia 1
Zinnia 2
Zinnia 2
Zinnia 3
Zinnia 3

Zin Zin

Spring has come and has sprint away

Blooming flowers, fluttering butterflies

Buzzing bees and singing birds

I enjoyed each blessed day

Then here comes summer with the blazing sun

My golden yellow Zinnias are in full bloom

They are lush and beautiful to the see

In a couple of weeks

Summer will say goodbye

And autumn will come to rule for a season

Although I love autumn

I will miss the long summer days

Will my Zinnias bow their heads?

Missing the warm summer days

My Zinnias I know you can’t stay

But for sure

I will plant you again come next year

© 2016 blessedp


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