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My Personal Poems - Part 1: Secrets and Deeper Meaning of Life

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Even now it seemed new

How you lured me into

The deepest secrets

The knowledge and awakening

You were sent

To gave birth

The floods, the fires from heaven

And the rainbow

That colors the sky of tomorrow

The trees, the birds

And the one who writes.

You hold the fruit

The power to start time

The power to give the end

We’ve lost Eden

A paradise of innocence

For fear and pain

We created them.

Rice Field

Rice Field

We came,

To this world;

Like rice field.

Our seeds were,

Carefully planted.

A chosen soil,

Fertile beside,

The river of life.

And when,

Our sprout shoots;

We looked up,

Our eyes opened,

To the glorious sky.

We are,

Blessed by the rain.

To quenched,

The thirst in us.

And we danced,

With the birds;

To the song,

Of the wind.

And when its,

Our time.

We bowed down,

Full and gold.

The Lament of a Broken Tree

The Lament of a Broken Tree

To find where you hide,

The elixir of life.

For my roots have grown tired,

Still I cannot find.

Oh! Mother,

Hide not your elixir;

Send it from high,

To turn my browns to greens.

Yet I missed the wings,

Once touched my tips.

To hear those sweet tweets no more,

They were long gone.

Oh! Mother,

Please tell him to deny me of heat.

For I bear no flesh,

A shelter for my little ones.

I fear the end is near,

The sick wind whispers:

“Soon, we’ll join the sands of time!”

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