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My Memories — The Mirror


Scull mostly enjoys reading the classics and occasionally writes short stories.


The Mirror

I look at myself in the mirror and see an aging face, with bags under the eyes and ever bushier eyebrows.

I touch my cheeks and feel the soft wrinkly skin and my gray early morning beard.

My pointier elbows. My mangled knuckles and my thinning wrists.

Leaning over the sink, I put my face close to the mirror.

I notice the bump in my nose; the one Doc Rodriguez grabbed and yanked to the left and then to the right.

How he said, “Concentrate, you dumb son-of-a-bitch”. Then Johnny the Tulip put his face close to mine and yelled, “Jab and move to your right”.

Looking across the ring, sweat clouding my vision I see him. We called him Vicks VaporRub; which he hated. Maybe he was pissed because of that.

I jabbed and moved to the right, pivoting back with my left foot, and moving my head from side to side.

Why are these thoughts flooding my mind?

The mirror stares back at me.

I inspect my soft belly. My hands move to the area between my thighs and bladder. It’s mushy. It used to be toned and firm. I push in with my fingers.

As I look down, I see my knees. They have folding skin over them.

My right nipple seems bigger than the left.

I open my hands and look at my palms. My right thumb has never fully come back to normal.

The right shoulder is higher than the left.

“Remember to move your head as if you are drawing a number eight with it.”, the Tulip would always say.

“Use your stomach muscles. Use your abs.”

“Come up and hook.”

“Use your shoulders when you hook down. Go over the top of his defense. That’s knockout time baby!”

I used to have more hair in my armpits. I only have a few chest hairs left. My legs are bare.

My LG phone buzzes.

My daughter is sending pictures.

Just the other day, it seems, I was holding her hand with my right, as the other two held on to each other and I clutched onto the youngest. They all had bags full of candy, Tootsie Rolls, and Milky Way bars.

One was dressed like a clown, the other like a cheerleader, the other like a cat.

The cat’s painted whiskers smudged with the chocolate bar she sneaked out of the bag when I wasn’t looking.

She was the leader of the pack. The queen. The princess. She demanded secrecy from the other younger two. They looked up to her.

I know. I know. They all have their own lives now.

I have a bump on the corner of my right eyebrow. “Stop obsessing over your body”, I say.

The bathroom window is slightly opened so the steam can go out. I hear a meow. I look.

The stray is outside. He is hungry.

I put on my flip-flops and go into the kitchen. I mix a scoopful of dry cat food with some wet. He knows I am coming.

He can see me through the glass door in the rear. I call him Boots. But he doesn’t care. He just wants breakfast.


JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on July 08, 2020:

Thank you Manuela.

Manuela from Portugal on July 08, 2020:

You have great descriptions, it captured my attention.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 29, 2020:

Thank you Mark.

Mark Tulin from Santa Barbara, California on June 29, 2020:

A touching requiem for a fighter. Nice job JC.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 28, 2020:

Thank you Liz.

Liz Westwood from UK on June 28, 2020:

You use an effective technique of weaving your observations with memories of the past through the medium of the mirror.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 27, 2020:

True MG. Thank you for commenting.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on June 27, 2020:

Wonderful poem, cant hold father time back

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 26, 2020:

Thank you Linda.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on June 26, 2020:

This is a moving story. Your descriptions are great, JC.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 26, 2020:

Thank you for commenting Meg.

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on June 26, 2020:

Good start to a story, grabs attention, covers things that everyone (at least us older ones) can empathise with.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 26, 2020:

Thank you Ann.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 26, 2020:

Thank you Mary.

Ann Carr from SW England on June 26, 2020:

Always the good with the bad! Everything goes south, they say, and I guess that's right. But good memories are what we cherish; the body might be lacking but the mind has a myriad of lovely pictures for us to look at.

This is great!


Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on June 26, 2020:

I try not to look in the mirror anymore, especially after waking up. I know I have to work harder to keep fit. Procrastination is my enemy.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 26, 2020:

Thank you Pamela.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 26, 2020:

It is not always fun to look at our bodies when we get older and remember how they use to look. The one great thing we have is memories of great times without children. I really enjoyed reading your article as I related to it so well.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 26, 2020:

Thank you Lorna. Your compliment means a lot.

Lorna Lamon on June 26, 2020:

I guess the mirror doesn't lie, however, you have created a wonderful reflection of his life, which I could picture in my mind. A really enjoyable read JC.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 25, 2020:

Thank you John. Yes...mirrors are tough.

JC Scull (author) from Gainesville, Florida on June 25, 2020:

Thank you for commenting Cozmic Mayan.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on June 25, 2020:

JC, this was great. I try to avoid looking in the mirror unless absolutely necessary. Thanks for sharing.

COZMIC MAYAN on June 25, 2020:

Sounds like your telling my story.