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My Foreign Queen, In Response to Bill's Challenge Prompt 4

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Rules or no rules

According to Bill, there are no significant rules. A Flash Fiction or story of about 500 words or 2,000 for the short story, if you like. Bill and I are similar. We don't adhere strictly to rules. Nevertheless, I have included the one photo prompt for this piece.

Reading Bill's Hub with link below, will tell you all about the value of prompts for those who need this. Peace.

My Queen



We met on the internet and I was immediately captivated! That enchanting smile, as pure as the radiant moon … those deep brown alluring eyes, as if scanning into my joyful heart for affinity. I listened, she chatting away from behind the screens, telling me of her hopes, her visions of tomorrow … a life with us together … boy! Did my blood rush!

Her voice was sweet, charming, eloquent … scholarly, but with a sweet simplicity of dress, yet fitting for a Queen. She wore a Dhuku Gele head-wrap, ebony eyes gleaming like the sun, surrounded by trees in the National Park, where her video was made. She wore a pink blouse, neatly tied at waistline, flowing in symmetry with her extended colourful skirt, laced with Caribbean flora and coconut palms.

Sebeena kept giggling; I could feel a sweet naiveite and burst of emotions, as our spirits merged, even with me just sitting in front of my computer screen … she, in a distant land. I was immersed in love, with this stunning and charismatic beauty.



The Story

It all happened by chance one year ago. She was looking for a guy and I was looking for a girl. She was twenty-five, with me just turning thirty. A perfect match in age, I thought. We were introduced by online friends, who had studied both our works and felt that we would be suited to each other.

Two passionate writers, we shared much in common and she would often tell me of her dreams and aspirations, how she saw life, her moral values; sense of adventure and creativity. Time passed and we were like the moon and stars, sharing our lustre, finding space for each other … playing with our closeness and warmth, with great fervour and zest.

It was inevitable that we would meet someday … we both knew that this was only a matter of time. So here I am, standing outside a train station in Dacca, Delhi, awaiting my beloved one.



The train was exactly as she described it. Green front with a beige top, light green on the sides. Not fancy, but safe, sturdy, reliable. It was bang on at 1500 hrs. I first heard the hooting sound, then the bounding metallic roll and screeching halt, as the brakes were applied. I saw the bellow of smoke at the rear and the beautiful scenery, like forest trees, paying silent homage from the background.

I saw the inspector up front, casually patrolling the line with his smart navy-blue uniform, to include his military-looking cap. Hands in pocket, he strolled calmly forward and all seemed well. Across the tracks and to the left of the train, was a pink carriage, probably a combination of fuel, food, men and maintenance, but I was eager and too busy looking for my Sebeena to notice much.

Suddenly she appeared, like a royal princess, wearing her head-wrap like a Queen would wear a tiara, sweet neck decorated with ornaments and draped in clothing of the finest silk. I rushed forward, unto the gravel track, as she opened the carriage compartment and leapt straight into my arms.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 29th February, 2020

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