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My Flower Girl- Daisy

Jusmi is an English teacher. Obtained her Masters in English literature from Gauhati University India shares an immense love for writing.


Sasha got up excitedly early in the morning. She was gleaming with happiness. Finally, her most awaited day was here. She was waiting for it for so long. After getting dressed up she went to the kitchen to help her mother prepare lunch. Her mother saw her and inquired, “ When will Jolly arrive? Did you call to confirm?” Sasha replied, “Yes, mom I have. He is already on the way. Where’s dad?” Her mother replied, “ He is watching tv in the bedroom and sulking. Are you sure dad would like Jolly? I mean he isn't too happy about all this”. Sasha smiled and said, “ Don’t worry mom I am sure dad will love him”. Sasha’s father Almere was totally against the concept of “Love Marriage” he didn’t approve of it at all. Sasha had a hard time convincing him to meet Jolly her boyfriend. Finally, after a lot of persuasion from both his wife and daughter, he agreed to meet him but with a heavy heart.

After a few minutes, the doorbell rang and Sasha hurriedly went to open the door. Standing outside was Jolly with a smile and a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. Sasha welcomed him inside and offered him a seat and went to call her mother. Her mother Rita came and said, “ Hello, Jolly we were all waiting to meet you. Hope you didn’t have much difficulty in finding the house. Would you like some coffee?” Jolly passing her the bouquet and chocolates smiled and said, “ Sure aunty I would love to have it. Anyways where is uncle?” Rita said he would be coming soon. Jolly was flipping through some magazines when Almere came. Jolly stood upon seeing him while Almere instructed him to sit down and took a seat himself and started, “ So, you are Jolly Sasha’s friend. How are you?”

Jolly- I am a fine uncle. So glad to meet you finally.

Almere- Hmm, but let me clear myself. I am totally opposed to this so-called concept of “Love Marriage”. Actually, I don’t believe in love at all.

Jolly- I understand uncle. Everyone has different experiences and ideologies. But, I would like to tell you about someone today who defines true love for me. Would you give me 10 minutes uncle?

Almere without much interest asked him to proceed with his tale only for the sake of his loving daughter Sasha. And Jolly started his story-

Jolly- Uncle, this story dates back to thirty or forty years ago. There was this young girl who used to sell flowers at the railway station. Every evening after her college got over she used to stand near the station and sell flowers to support her family. Days went by one day she met a young man who wanted to buy a bouquet of white pansies for his ailing mother. But, he had no change. So he was reluctant to buy it. But, this girl asked him to take the bouquet and give the money someday later. The man thanked her and took the flowers and went away. After a few days, the man came back again to give the money to her. Within a very short span of time, they understood that they had developed feelings for each other. But, none of them had the courage to propose fearing the other one might not like it and stop talking. Days went by the young man landed with a job in the army and finally, he decided to propose her. He went to her flower stall hurriedly but to his utter disappointment, she was not there. He waited and waited but there was no sight of her to be seen anywhere. He started to visit the station every evening but no she didn’t come. So, he started inquiring about her with the nearby stall owners. No one knew anything excepting her name. Finally, a man came and informed him that her mother had expired a few days back and therefore she is not able to come to the stall. The young man took out his diary, tore a paper and wrote a letter to her telling that he would have to join his duty after two days. Therefore he needs to leave the town by tomorrow evening. He further said in case she has any feelings for him then she should come and meet him at least once before he leaves. He gave the letter to the man and requested him to give it to her positively by today. The man promised to give it right away.

The next evening the young man reached the station expecting to see her. He waited and waited but there was no sight of her. The train gradually started leaving the station carrying the young man away from her forever. He was sad and angry perhaps. So he never visited the station again in his entire life. He must have felt cheated by her. He might have been angry with her for not reciprocating his love. But, sir don’t you want to know the reason why that girl didn’t come to meet him at the station that evening.

The man that took the letter somehow forgot to give it to her that day. He remembered it the next morning and immediately rushed to her with the letter. On receiving the letter she was extremely happy and felt on top of the world. She loved him more than anything else. She read the letter, and the next day evening she waited for him at the station at the decided time. Little did she knew that he had already left yesterday with a lot of pain and contempt for her. She thought he had left without listening to her.

She came back home sad and broken-hearted. She lost all joy of life. She was not more than a living corpse. She wanted to know why did he go away without meeting her for the last time. Seeing her condition that man couldn’t keep quiet further and confessed that he should have given the letter earlier. And he also informed that her beloved might have left the other day itself. All these misconceptions happened since there was no date mentioned in the letter.

She cried her heart out for days and months. She decided to wait for him her entire life. She did exactly so. Now, years went by and one day she adopted a little boy from an orphanage. She took care of him just like her son. Days went by and she became old. But, there was not a single day when she didn’t miss the young man. Finally, before two years she left for her heavenly abode.

Now, sir let me tell you who that great lady was. She was none other than my mother Daisy. And I am the boy whom she adopted and raised her like her own son. Sir, this is her picture”. Saying so Jolly took his purse out and forwarded a picture to Almere.

Almere glanced at the picture and without saying anything went inside. He straightaway went to his room, closed the door and shed bitter tears of remorse. But, at least his false notion broke that it was his love Daisy who broke his heart. All his life he was angry on her thinking she was the one who ditched and cheated him. But, no he was wrong. Daisy had not only come to the station but had waited for him her entire life. It was he who had not understood her.

Opening the door he went outside and called Sasha and his wife Rita along with Jolly. When everyone came he announced, “ Jolly I am happy Sasha chose a guy like you. We will fix both of your marriage date soon. God bless you my dears. Be happy”.

© 2020 Jusmi Saikia

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