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My Fairy

MY LITTLE FAIRY by David Nelson

This story is dedicated to Joni who even though I’ve only known her for a few minutes, she has inspired me to write this story!

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to sell my home in the city and move way out into the country to a home surrounded by acres of woods away from any neighbors. It was a goal I had for most of my life to get away from the traffic and the hustle and bustle of city life where neighbors are aware of everything you do and seem to know way more about your life then you want them to. Since there was no traffic on the road I lived on you start to notice all the things that happen when your surrounded by woods. The deer would walk through my yard on cool spring mornings, the chipmunks and squirrels would be seen and heard constantly chattering and calling to each other as they leaped from tree to tree and branch to branch. Birds of every kind ! Turkeys and hawks, and all the song birds. I have a deck off my bedroom and got into the habit, when it was warm enough, of sleeping and leaving the sliding glass door open with the screen door closed to keep the bugs out, so I could hear the crickets at night and the birds singing at dawn. I felt like I lived in heaven on earth.

One of my favorite things to do was a walk into the woods. There were no set paths, however, if I walked a quarter of a mile south of my house I would come upon a stream where I could sit and listen to the water as it made its way through the darkest and dense part of the forest. I would watch the animals that would come to drink and after a year or so it was as though I didn’t bother them being there. It was one of those walks on my way back to my house that out of the corner of my eye I caught a sparkle coming from under neath the leaves. I thought for a moment that it was just the sun hitting a drop of water as the sun had been streaking down through the trees just the right way that day. Something made me stop. There it was again! Like a diamond peeking out from under the leaves. I had to see what it was. I bent down and carefully picked the leaves away, and couldn’t believe my eyes!

Laying in amongst the leaves was a beautiful tiny fairy only six inches tall with the most beautiful shimmering wings like a butterfly. I thought I had lost my mind. This couldn’t be real! I must be dreaming. But then I noticed that something was wrong. She was grey, and wasn’t moving at all. I thought to myself how sad to find this incredibly beautiful and fragile creature and she had somehow lost her life.I very carefully picked her up so I could get a better look. She fit in the palm of my hand and she was so cold. I brought her close enough to see her features. She had the face of an angel with slightly pointed ears and long flowing red hair. She was so beautiful it took my breath away. i started to notice her tiny little fingers when I swear I saw one of them move! Could it be? Could she still be alive? My heart started pounding as I stood up with her held securely between by hands and started walking quickly back to my home. If there was even the slightest chance that she could be saved, I would have to get her where she could be warm and safe from all the perils of the woods.

As soon as I walked in the house, I immediately went to my office. I have a lamp on my desk that would be perfect to warm her up and a small blanket over my office chair that i could make into a soft bed to lay her on and cover her up. I had no idea what I was doing or what I needed to do to save this fairies life. I still wasn’t sure if I was dreaming. It seemed so surreal that I had found something that most sane people didn’t believe existed. I thought for a moment about calling everyone I knew to tell them about her, but realized that any commotion wouldn’t be helpful if I was going to save her life. I had now way of telling if she was even breathing. If she was, it was so shallow you couldn’t tell. She hadn’t moved again since I saw her fingers move that first time, and when I laid her on the blanket I noticed how shattered her wings were, which gave me very little hope that she was going to make it through the night. I sat down in my chair to finally catch my breath and moved closer to the desk so I could get a better look at her face, which was the only part of her not covered up. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t look as though she was in pain. I couldn’t tell her age because her complexion appeared so soft and angelic. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. She had a face and body that men write songs about. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I wasn’t positive but it looked to me as though she wasn’t as grey as she was when I found her and that a slight bit of color was starting to show in her skin. I convinced myself that I was only wishing it to be true. Minutes turned into an hour and hours went by and I couldn’t move a muscle or take my eyes off of her just in case she moved or would start to come around. I never left to eat my dinner or even get a drink of water and I remember looking at the clock at 4;00 AM wondering how long until it would be light outside.

Realizing that I had fallen asleep, I was startled awake and immediately noticed that the sun was streaming through the windows which filled my office with sunlight. It took me a second to get my bearings because I had never slept sitting up in my office chair. My eyes went to the clock and I found out I had been six hours since I looked at the clock last and that sleep had taken me away from my newfound mission. As the fog of sleep lifted I suddenly remembered why I was there and my gaze went to the little fairy to see if she was real and not just some dream I had. What I saw shocked me so much that it made me loudly catch my breath which immediately made her sit up. For what seemed forever our eyes locked on each other. She looked as though she had just now opened her eyes and was also trying to get her bearings. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth fell open when I think she realized what she thought was a very dangerous situation to be in. She said “ Oh no, you aren’t going to eat me are you?” I laughed and replied “no little fairy, I’m not a monster, I don’t eat little fairies”. “But you’re a walker and you eat all the animals and plants” she said. “ It’s okay little fairy, I brought you here to protect you! I found you dying in the woods with broken wings and you were barely breathing!” I noticed how weak she still looked and she laid her head back down and closed her eyes satisfied for at least for the moment she was safe and warm. I took this chance to leave my office and get something to eat and drink which i took back to my office and ate while I sat in my chair and watched her sleep. She slept and I watched her for three days. She would only wake up for a few minutes so I could give her water out of a cap off my toothpaste. She started to spend more time sitting up and she told me she was from a fairy mound deep in the woods and that her name was “Sweetie”. When I ask her how she broke her wings she would cry and look away. When she got strong enough to stand, I asked her to turn around and let me look at her wings to see if there was anything I could do. I hoped that it would be the same as splinting a broken leg so I got some popsicle sticks and some bandaids, some rubber bands and scotch tape and spent several hours repairing her broken wings while she sat and sang a fairy song about life in a fairy mound. I explained to her that I had the hope that her wings would heal and that she would be able to fly again. For the next several weeks she never left my side. I would collect nectar and pollen so she could eat and she would sit on my shoulder while I worked during the day and she laid on the extra pillow on my bed and watched me as I slept during the night. We spent many hours walking through the woods and I showed her my spot on the creek and where I found her that day. She told me wonderful stories about her life in the mound, and I told her about people that live in cities in tall buildings. Every day I became more and more amazed by this little being. She had such a beautiful soul and heart. I was mesmerized by her piercing green eyes that seemed to look deep into my soul. I started to notice a slight shimmer that was showing through the bandaids on her wings and asked her if she thought they felt any better. She told me the pain had been gone for a week and that if I wanted to, she was willing to take a chance at removing the splints and bandaids. Very carefully I removed her popsicle sticks and rubber bands, took off all the tape and bandaids and revealed the most beautiful set of wings any fairy would love to have. They glowed and shimmered like diamonds in clear blue water. They sparkled and glistened as she flapped them to test their strength. “How can I ever thank you” she asked, “ they are as good as new, they healed perfectly.” She smiled and giggled as she danced on top of my desk flapping her wings in celebration of getting back the most valuable thing a fairy could own. I tried not to let her see how sad this celebration was for me because I knew that now she would be leaving. Then I noticed the tear running down her cheek. “Whats wrong Sweetie, why is there a tear on your cheek?” “ Don’t get me wrong “ she said, “ I’m so grateful to have my beautiful wings back, but sadly, I cannot fly!” “Why can’t you fly I ask, your wings are perfect, they are as good as new.” I can’t fly” she said, “because my heart has been broken and fairies with broken hearts lose their ability to fly.” “That’s how I broke my wings to begin with. My heart broke and I fell out of the sky and broke my wings when I hit the ground. I’m afraid all the sticks, tape, and rubber bands won’t heal my heart.” “Please tell me the story of how your heart was broken” I said, “ I want to know how someone so sweet, with such a beautiful heart could let someone hurt them so bad.” She didn’t answer me right away. We sat in silence for several minutes, and then in a very quiet voice she said, “ I let my guard down and let someone in. I made the mistake of believing that someone loved me.”

The pain in her voice was obvious and made me regret asking her to be candid about the pain in her heart. We spoke very little the rest of the evening and it wasn’t until the next night when we were sitting around the fire quietly staring at the embers that I took a chance to say.

“Love is the only thing of value we have in our lives.” “It also happens to be the one thing that causes us the most pain.” When people are hurt it changes them forever. It changes the way they love which has a direct effect on the relationships they form with others. For some it becomes so destructive that they are never able to trust another person and the bonds they form never are complete. They never are satisfied by the love they have found and continue to try and form another relationship which destroys the first one, causing pain and unrepairable damage. They even blame the one they are with which can sometimes even lead to verbal and physical abuse! For those that love without fear, they are left with a broken heart and the cycle continues. True love is painful, actually hurting more than a broken heart. When you love someone completely to the point of surrendering your heart to them it actually causes physical pain. It’s all consuming and leaves you breathless when you hold them, kiss them, desire to be near them. If that type of love is not reciprocal then it manifests in a hunger that never goes away. You cannot give up on love! You don’t exist if you live in a world without the desire to be loved. When your heart is broken you only have one choice and that is to search on and continue to look for that one somebody that will fill your heart every day for the rest of your life.” Sweetie jumped from the log where she had been sitting and I caught her in my hand and put her on my shoulder. She had been quietly sitting and listening to everything I was saying and now was quietly sitting on my shoulder. I felt so comfortable with her there and we both sat quietly and watched the fire burn. After several more minutes I felt her lean in and she whispered in my ear,”I love you.” The very moment she said it a burst of fairy dust exploded every where and she shot into the air above me. She was laughing and spinning in the air, flying in circles and flipping over and over yelling and screaming in the joy she felt as she got back her gift of flight. I joined her in her celebration as I danced and yelled from the ground circling the fire, full of joy for my little fairy. She flew back down and hovered in front of me right at eye level. She had tears running down her face. “Those must be tears of joy.” I said. “How could you possibly be sad now?” “Because I have to leave you now, I belong at the mound with those of my kind” she replied. “You saved my life, and repaired my wings and healed my broken heart, and I have nothing to give you in return” The smile I had left my face and I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and running down my cheeks. “The gift of love that you gave me just moments ago,” I said, “will warm me for the rest of my life and I will never forget how it felt to hear you whisper those words to me” She flew close to my cheek and kissed me good by and flew off towards the woods. I followed her shimmering light until it disappeared in the darkness. It was then that I realized the one thing she had left behind. It was my broken heart!