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My Essence of Love

Being PU is a journey of discovery to being better than before person. Soulful journey is never an easy one to walk on. Enjoy the moment.

Despair and Depression

Despair, after a relationship break-up and depression, are commonly observed. How then do we channel that heartbreaking love into a positive influence to better us?

My Essence of Love

My Essence of Love

Love is a great motivator in life when the emotions are channeled in the right manner.

When love is providing you with happiness, use it wisely to strengthen the relationship for the cloudy days.

When love is hurting your heart, use that to strengthen your self.

Never let a heartbreak turn you bitter. There can be any reason for a relationship to break yet that does not indicate you are a failure.

Many people fall into the trap of depression when their relationship break’s up. Some contemplate while few are successful to end their life. This is an actual failure for the person and for those around that person. Failure to save a precious life.

We all have been through bad emotional times when we felt all alone in a crowd yet the most important skill is your ability to pull yourself together in this situation. It is inside of you, the hidden strength which you need to call out to your own rescue.

Learn to depend on your own strength derived from your struggles.

Learn to love yourself first. Once you are comfortable with your own self, that’s when it does not matter if you are alone or in a crowd, as now you are your own best friend

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