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Murder by the Written Word 12

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Part XII

“The years passed and Albert hunted for the little girl, but all of his efforts led to nothing. Finally, one private detective gave him the good news that he had found where Albert’s daughter had lived and that her name was Melissa Carter. She had been raised by a very loving couple, and had married and had a son. The sad news to report was that Melissa, along with her husband, had died earlier that year in a car wreck."

Tiffany laid the tablet down and stood up. She stretched her arms above her head and started looking at Dale. They had not noticed that Blondie had literally dropped her Enquirer on the floor and sat intently listening to Tiffany as she read from her notes. Without realizing that she was in a way, eavesdropping, Blondie cried out,

“For God’s sake, don’t stop!”

Tiffany and Dale both looked quickly in her direction and smiled.

“Do you realize you are eavesdropping?” Tiffany protested mildly but all along she was both amused and flattered.

Blondie’s face turned a crimson red, but Dale pointed out that it was all going to be in the newspaper anyway, so no harm done.

“There’s nothing in the Enquirer that can compare with your story, and by the way they call me Blondie—like the comic strip!” Blondie exclaimed before Tiffany picked up her tablet to continue reading aloud.

“Albert found his grandson and revealed all of the secrets of the past to him. The grandson was a young recruit at the Police Academy. His name is Dale Carter.”


With this revelation, Blondie dropped the blue plastic glass filled with cold chocolate milk she had been sipping. The waitress hurried to wipe up the spill not wanting to miss one word that came out of Tiffany's mouth. Looking at the woman on her knees wiping the chocolate mess with a roll of paper towels, Tiffany shook her head, waited until Blondie had finished; then continued.

“Through the years Albert and his grandson had a wonderful relationship. Needless to say it was kept a secret from Margaret.

Dale graduated from the Academy and became a police officer. After he had been on the force for several years; he was promoted to the rank of Homicide Detective. Occasionally, he will work as a Cold Case Detective, helping to solve unsolved issues.

His grandfather approached him one day and asked for his help. A few months earlier Albert had been approached by a man named Marvin Montgomery who wanted to buy Andrews Industries. Albert had no intention of selling his company, but certainly not to a man like Montgomery, known for shady business deals and illegal gambling. He was also a suspect in a murder several years before.”

“Shortly after the refusal to Marvin, accidents began to happen at the company. Albert explained to Dale that he had no proof, but he knew Montgomery was behind it all. Dale told his grandfather that he would try to find out and get the proof needed against Montgomery to have him arrested. So from that day on Dale had pretended to be a ‘cop on the take’ and Montgomery fell for it. As the months passed, Dale learned more and more about Montgomery’s operations and worked toward getting the proof he needed.”


“What Detective Carter found out was that Montgomery indeed was responsible for the ‘accidents’ hoping to force the old man to sell.

Montgomery’s right hand man in his organization was Jack ‘The Sparrow’ Murphy. He had actually done the dirty work, but it was under Montgomery’s orders. With the proof obtained, Detective Carter arrested both Montgomery and The Sparrow. They are presently in the County Jail where Montgomery cons other inmates in a game of poker and The Sparrow is singing like a bird hoping to make a deal with the prosecutor.”

Having finished cleaning the chocolate spill, Blondie stood with her elbow perched on the counter.

“Is this all true what you’ve gotten written there?” Blondie quizzed Tiffany.

“Everything in my tablet is true Blondie, but there’s still more.” Tiffany responded to Blondie’s question.

“Wait, don’t say a word. I’ll be right back.” Blondie stated.


The waitress disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a pot of fresh coffee and a plate of assorted donuts. Placing both on the table between Dale and Tiffany, Blondie pulled up a chair to the booth and sat down. Immediately she reached for a donut covered with powdered sugar and bit into it. As she chewed away, Tiffany continued.

“On the night of Sept. 17th of this year, 911 received a call that there was an emergency at the Andrews estate. When they arrived they found the house empty. Detective Carter and this journalist arrived there shortly afterwards. Upon investigating inside the Andrews home, they noted a cat was inside the house with some blood on its paws, and the contents of Mrs. Andrews’ purse strewn on the floor in her bedroom. They also noticed a tube of lipstick that this journalist advised Detective Carter, would not be a color that an elderly woman would wear.


This aroused suspicion in both the detective and journalist that someone else had been in the room with Margaret. They also noted a very cheap plastic coin purse which was obviously not the property of a wealthy woman. A rosewood cane with detailed carving stood neatly placed in the corner of the room. It was recognized by Carter and Armstrong as the cane belonging to Margaret Andrews. The big question of the moment, however, is where was Margaret?”

To be continued

Murder by the Written Word 13

  • Murder by the Written Word 13
    The orange lipstick had belonged to a woman who had lived nearby for years and this was the only kind she used. Find the owner and you would find the killer.

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