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Mothers Are Magnificient

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We Can Learn So Much From Them

All we have to do is listen

They have years of experience

Too often we are preoccupied with our own lives

Each time they made sure we came first

It is easy for us to forget

The years will pass

Memories will turn on easily and as often as a light switch

Their love will always comfort us

Mothers do what they do

Because they really want us to be happy

They are far more than meets the eye

Each mother comes with many surprises

Don't let their size fool you

They know what you are thinking

Long before you do

You will be outsmarted every time

They are modest and don't seek fame

Even though they are well deserving of every trophy

They let you strut like a peacock

Even when you're wrong

At anytime they know they have the power

They can cut your feathers

So you will never fly

They have been multitasking their whole lives

They are far stronger than their physical bodies

My mother was only 4 feet 11 inches

I knew better

So I made sure not to cross her

A few times I made the big mistake

It wasn't long before I knew my future looked gloomy

With a few words they know how to cut you down to size

So it wasn't long before I would apologize

Then my mother would smile with the biggest grin

Not another word said

She knew

She had won

For me it was a battle of strength

She reminded me often

I am the only one who brought you into this world

I can take you out

When it came to trouble

I got in my fair share

She helped me out of my toughest jams

Growing up every boy's hero was Superman

We never mentioned our moms

I think secretly moms have a secret supply of kryptonite

That even Superman wouldn't dare

I know my mom would always be there

In spirit she still talks to me

What were you thinking?

I raised you to know better

If you don't do what's right

You will pay for it later

Go help that woman

You know she can use your help

You don't wait to be asked

Follow your heart

It will lead you in the right direction

Are you questioning me ?

I didn't think so

To all children everywhere

Mother's Day comes once a year

You don't have to wait for this day to appreciate

What mothers do all year though

You are their greatest gift

Why not tell them how you feel

Show them in public

Let other people take notice

A little reminder goes a long way

Maybe children will come to their senses

Giving their mothers

What they always wanted

Their children's greatest love

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