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Most Metal Love Story

Hellgate: Kazakhstan

When the first gate of Hell opened in Soviet Kazakhstan, the local police and armed forces have barricaded it away from citizens and made it a no-go zone; heavily guarded. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out. Years later, an influential Russian trillionaire with connections to Kazakhstan's armed forces bought the place and started hosting deathmatches inside with advertisements and participation of gladiators from all over the world. No one returned.

I am a 25 y.o metal-head who got rejected from the armed forces but still craves heroism and epic battles; I signed up to the deathmatch. But it's not only because of that; I did that because the Russian trillionaire kidnapped a girl I liked; a beautiful Canadian princess named Jenna; a girl I liked since high school and university. I heard he was going to put her in a graphic show with a couple of mutants and demons. I won't let him. Like the Roman gladiators of old, I will die honorably protecting the dignity and honor of a very special girl. As I always wanted anyway.


Travelling to the deepest, darkest parts of Kazakhstan; I was getting ready for the fight; utilising prison and street workout techniques to become stronger; build endurance and tolerance for pain; I was ready to fight and enter the arena. Rocky Balboa got nothing on me as I ran for miles with bricks in a backpack, sparred against 4 opponents afterwards; followed by extreme callisthenics and development of advanced fighting techniques.

Arriving at the portal to the gate of Hell; passing the military checkpoint while serenaded by the screaming crowd; wanting my guts across the arena; screaming for my suffering and pain. I calmly walked forth with checkpoint guards studying me and maybe thinking "he won't return." I carried no weapons or tools; only my own strength; bracing myself for what I was about to see. I had ideas of what hell would be like but this is something I never saw, even in my worst nightmares.

I thought of Jenna, clenched my fist tight, cracked my neck and braced for pain. Entering the gate, I saw ruins of buildings that were there, everything was empty and smelled of death and desolation. Hot winds blew, throwing sparks everywhere. Animal-like growls were heard in the distance....for Jenna...there is no going back now. The place was not only destroyed but violated; looking like something from the dark/feudal ages after an invading army ravaged a settlement.


Suddenly, a deformed abomination leapt at me, hit me in the face and threw me aside; growling in extreme anger. I rolled as I fell to stand up and hit back; Leaping and punching it in the face, to grab its neck as it resembled a human but it had a reptilian appearance with scales and claws. I continued to hit it using elbow strikes in hopes of stunning it. It spat at me and hissed, trying to scare me off as I unloaded a flurry of fast attacks.

I tried to choke it out after grabbing its neck with my hands crossed; a cross-choke in MMA terms, but that wasn't happening since reptiles are cold-blooded and technically had no fragile bones, unlike humans. I punched it some more in its open mouth knocking a few fangs out, ripping one of them out, I slit, it's throat in desperation as it bled out, stabbing it repeatedly until it stopped squirming.Covered in blood, I ran towards the cathedral-like building in the distance which I just noticed; I guess that's where Hira was being held; They won't have her!


Kicking down the door to the unholy church, I heard the cries and screams of the tortured souls that died there; all in sacrifice to the devil. I ran through, looking for Jenna, I saw many victims whose faces froze in pain and horror in their suffering; I heard gunfire, screams, flesh ripping and demons roaring. I looked up and saw HELP US written in blood on the wall; a dismembered hand was still attached to the words; nailed down by a blade. Suddenly, I felt her nearby, I wouldn't confuse it, I saw her, my beautiful crush held down by the same reptilian beings and some other humanoid figures wearing masks. I jumped up and in desperation, did the Hollywood routine and jump-kicked the hooded figure.It flew back and hit a nearby wall, the reptilian demons grabbed me, I broke free and punched one in the face, the other I tackled to the floor in an MMA-style mount and started a ground-and-pound ; hitting the creature in the face as it hissed and clawed at my hands; I snapped its neck with all my strength.

I ran to Jenna, she looked at me but she didn't recognise me at all; I was covered in blood and acid; spat by the reptilian demons, I reached out to take her hand; saying "Let's get out of here, I'll take you home."Suddenly, I heard many voices; all hissed "WHY HAVE YOU COME HUMAN!?" "YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE HERE, YOU WILL BE SACRIFICED TO LORD LUCIFER!" Jenna was there, I was motivated and felt pumped up as if downing a can of 3 MONSTER energy drinks at the same time while the most melodious heavy metal guitar solo torn the air; I answered. "COME OUT AND FIGHT, COWERING IN THE UNKNOWN LIKE THAT" My words were followed by a chorus of running steps and grinding of teeth and bladed weapons; the sound surrounded us.

I went to the confused Canadian girl and hugged her, protecting her with my hands, "Try to be safe, whatever you do just run...I'll delay them." I whispered into her ear.She turned towards the exit while I turned to face my enemies; appeared to be a hundred of reptilian demons, mutilated humanoid mutants which appeared to be other fighters who didn't make it as they all wore either uniforms, body armor and other gear humans wore on Earth. I picked up what appeared to be a piece of rebar off the floor and paced back and forth; sizing up my enemies, they all wanted to jump on me and rip me apart.

I said goodbye to Jenna in silence as I ran towards a horde of former human abominations; hitting one in the face with the rebar I held, stabbing one to my left and getting one to my right out of balance to curb-stomp it when it fell. Reptilian demons flew towards me, I blocked the incoming hit and wrestled one away, suddenly, I felt the hot breath of something big, bigger than all my enemies; I saw them back away.

I spun around and saw it....the big monstrosity that appeared to be made out of everything sacrificed; before I had the time to think, it grabbed me and threw me down.It then stomped on both my legs and ripped off my left arm, it hit me with it everything went black. I regained consciousness and realised that I lay on an altar while an evil unholy chant shook the air; there was fire all around and all evil was happy; I saw the audience back on Earth, I saw many cheering my death.All I could do is go out with dignity, I looked up to the figure who held the sacrificial blade, lifted my remaining hand and showed him the middle finger and said..." see you on the other side!"

© 2017 Jake Clawson

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