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I enjoy writing of all forms so I decided to share them with you. Nothing fancy, nothing glamorous. Let's share the good the bad and the ugl


“Teacher what's a mortal.”

“ A living human being, often in contrast to a divine being; subject to death. . .

“Teacher what's a human being?”

“A human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien.”

With a nodded of his head, Timmy went back to his book. Yet he was still unclear about the new words he had learned.

“Teacher am I a human being?”

His teacher turned to look at the child, she approached him sitting next to him. Placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. She knew one day this question would come, she could feel it in her gears. Timmy looked up from his book, waiting for the answer his teacher would give.

“Timmy; human are extinct.”

“So what am I “

“You are special. . “

That answer left him unsatisfied, humans were extinct but weren’t they human, wasn’t he? He had only seen pictures in museums of hairless creatures. He looked down at his hairy hands and long trunk and his rough feet. That’s when he had another important question, one that made his little hands tremble with fear.

“Will I die?”
“No child you will not die, you are something amazing that the humans never were.”

“What about you will you die?”
“No, even if my body rust away i will never die.”

She said tapping her chest, making this clicking noise. She would not die because she was no longer human. The only thing she had to fear was a rogue virus encrypting her files. She was the thing humans wished they could be, immortal but of course everything came with a price. She watched the boy, as he stayed silent fubbling with the end of his shirt.

“It must have been scary for know they were going to die

to be mortal.”

“To be mortal is to be strong, child. It is there to tell you to live your life for you and not how others want you to do so.”

“To be mortal is to be strong.” The child finally satisfied with his answer, nodded his head grabbed his book and ran off to tell his parents what he had learned today.

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