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More Than a Lifetime

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Time passes oh, so quickly

and time leaves so many memories behind,

old tunes playing in your mind,

remembering the songs –

that together we sang.

Smiles that once delighted

and tears that made you sigh.

Time passes oh, so quickly,

but it leaves footprints behind,

embedded upon your soul,

reminding you of the way you came

and the way you’ll go back again –

leaving this world behind.

Words that always and always,

like records stuck on track –

playing through your dreams.

Treasured memories,

filling the hope chest -

held close to your heart.

Simple things,

like Valentine’s

and dried flowers -

from a different time.

Something there,

just beyond reach,

that you know you can’t see.

Memories of a lifetime,

that stretch to eternity.

He had been her dream,

a dream of love -

that had come true.

Drifting through the days together,

moments spent in the sun -

gray days loving the sadness away.

Hand in hand,

a love so very true,

as the years drifted by,

it was always the thought,

that someday one of them would be -

left behind.

Just the thought ,

that eternity didn’t separate

and someday,

there was always the promise -

of together ever after.

Only now,

that she’d waited for so very long,

missing the romancing,

living with him beside her,

knowing he was there night and day.

Nights spent talking to the stars above,

hearing the gently whispered words -

deep into the night.

That she longed to be there,

on the other side,

beside him for all time.

That night the stars twinkled magically,

the breezes blew

and she heard him -

singing their song to her.

It made her smile,

then the sky opened wide

and she saw him from above,

top hat and tails,

the familiar smile,

flashing blue eyes,

he came down toward her

and willingly she gave him her hand.

Together they waltzed across the skies,

fulfilling a long awaited dream,

that had finally come true -

with a simple whisper of I love you.

© 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee