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Monster/Creature Paragraph


A "Scary" Monster Paragraph

Just some creative writing I decided to do...

One day in late October the world seemed to turn upside down and everything went wrong. I saw terrible creatures lurking outside, as I looked out the dusty window. Out there I saw gruesome witches, and vampires that longed to have a deep drink from innocent youth. Werewolves lurked in the shadows, blood dripping from their skeletal jaws. One repulsive creature stood out to me the most. He had dark red lips and pale eyes, like faded parchment. His hair, long and black like the sky outside, blew in the wind. A flowing, dark veil wrapped around his shoulders, reflected his twisted mind. Slowly he started walking towards my abode through the eerie night. My heart quickened, all my senses were alert, and my throat tightened. It knocked upon my door, and I, though full of fear opened the door, for my overwhelming curiosity had taken over. The strange being looked at me and said an inexplicable phrase, “Trick or treat.”

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