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Money Can Not Take The Place Of Love: Flash Fiction

I love to write flash fiction, using a moral standard to not pass judgement until you look deeper inside.


Eva Needed Her Father's Love Desperately.

The lights flickered. A wolf howled in the distance, She had no where else to go, so she reluctantly rang the door bell.

The maid, Stella answered and said, " Eva where on earth have you been? I've been so worried. " Eva stood looking down and answered, " I have no one else to turn to. " Her father, Andrew yelled, " Who is it Stella? " The maid answered by taking Eva by the arm and ushering her to her father's office. He immediately saw who it was and spun around in his chair.

Eva thought, " Just like every day of my life, I'm invisible to him. He didn't even know I was gone or what I've been through this past six months. "

Stella took her by the hand, leading her to the kitchen and asking, " are you hungry? " Eva hated to admit she was, but since doing drugs she could hardly tolerate food.

Stella prepared her a nice bowl of soup, which she consumed in a flash. She then went to her room, everything looked the same except her bed was neatly made.

The night she left came back vividly. She was seventeen, had just graduated high school. Her mother had died when she was ten. Her father had treated her like a visitor, only speaking to her when she annoyed him.

Stella had been like a mother to her and she loved her, but she desperately needed her father's love.

The night she left he had yelled, " Go to your room and stop bothering me. " She went but was furious. She thought, " I wonder if I disappear will he miss me, or even know I'm gone? "

They lived on the outskirts of Chicago. Money was no object. She always had enough for anything she wanted.

The night she left, she hailed a cab and went to the city, finding a club with loud music and a crowd her age. She joined in and soon was drinking alcohol, then was given some speed. She got higher than a kite. The next six months were spent drinking and doing drugs.

One morning she woke up feeling terrible and missing home. Now she's wondering why she bothered coming back.


Eva knew she didn't want to do drugs and drink alcohol, she also knew she needed an education so she registered at a small college close to home.

She promised herself that she wouldn't bother her father.

The stock market was his God.

She remembers when she was little she would venture into his office to watch the ticker tape until he would notice she was there, then telling her, " Go to your room. " The words still hurt.

It was September and classes were starting. She was busy and happy in a guarded way. She had an uneventful four years, graduating with a degree in teaching. She was happy to be teaching in the same school that she'd gone to. Her class consisted of junior high students, a class of twenty two,

She continued to live at home and staying out of her father's way.

One evening as she drove into the driveway an ambulance came with sirens blaring. She ran into the house and was met by Stella who told her that she had gone into her father's office to clean and found him slumped over in his chair. She quickly called the ambulance.

He died on the way to the hospital.

Post Note: The moral of this story, " Money can never take the place of love, so live happily and love deeply.

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