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Momentary Princess

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.

No reflection of beauty can compete

No reflection of beauty can compete

Oh, princess with small shaking hands, here is my gift
An ounce of passing time and a moment of love that's submlime.
Do not weep, tiny princess with gold for breath
I shall not leave or hurt you or I shall suffer a beggar's death.

I've dreamt of this one moment since you walked toward my ground
With your sparking smile and brunette hair in syled-up pile.
Your demure fashionable sigh behind fan of paper
With soft Alabaster skin and no skin to taper.

I remember kneeling behind my plow of rust
Curling the sod to eat dew and dust.
Such filthy pathways a princess shouldn't see
And worst of all, a filthy pauper such as me.

My breath stopped when you glanced at me
My heart stopped too when you smile at me.
I stuttered and begged God for words to speak
But shame and folly on my throat did reek.

Guards of iron to your left and right
Killing each threat of day and your night.
How could one like me savor such a lady as you?
If only you knew. If only you knew.

The dreams and torments I had to bear
Choking thin wishes that greyed my hair.
Just to be an inch in your presence
Hearing your smile and soaking your pleasance.

But lute and lyre kept your lover at night
Your guards of iron of will and might.
Hearing a cricket so lowly and small
I am no better not rich, not tall.

Little princess dress of silver
Siting in a tree swing some farmer delivered.
Back and forth your perfume teases breezes
Your eyes bring shame to garden roses
Your small Alabaster hands gives life to
Diseases death poses.

I marvel and awe at your eagles in flight
Touch my sighs oh little princess in noon light.
Feel my torment a few moments now
Permit my broken back before you bow.

We have but just sixty small seconds oh lover so true
If only you existed in reality and not on pages of blue.
I can tell the devils of sod that I held you today
Before your kisses melted and I died twice away.

Loving such a dream as you

Loving such a dream as you

© 2017 Kenneth Avery

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