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Modern Eyes

I must admit something to you, something that I hate to speak into truth but feel that I must. I'm frightened, I am scared of the concept that my "privacy" is no longer actually private. I once took such comfort in what I believed to be time to myself. Time to self reflect and shut out the rest of the world while I pondered ideas and contemplated the fascinating aspects of life. I used to fall asleep at night with the window wide open, not aware of the possibility that the breeze I invited into my room could indeed be accompanied by lenses and pupils. Who are they? What do they want? These eyes that seem to follow me are simply uninvited and these camera's that capture my every move prompt me to want to stay still, to remain frozen. I do not enjoy living in such fear and I miss the breeze of a summer night coming in through my window. But I ask you, in a 21st century world that feels the intrusive need to watch us at all times, are we every really


© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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