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Missing Micifuz

Marcelo has a B. S. in English Education and experience as a Spanish teacher. He enjoys science fiction and fantasy.



Daddy returned home from work one cold Sunday evening. After showering, he sat down to eat a hot bowl of spicy Nong Shim noodles soup.

The kittens came to the glass door that connects the backyard to the dining room, where daddy was. They wanted to come in, and daddy was happy to let them in.

Daddy greeted the kittens, but didn't pay too much attention to them since he was in the middle of having dinner.

He sat down to eat, while Mommy and Mini D (daddy's four year old "clone") greeted the kittens and led them to the basement, where they would be fed.

Suddenly, Mommy exclaimed, "Mici! He's hurt!"

"He's wounded?" Daddy asked alarmed.

"He's really hurt!" Mommy cried.

Daddy got up and went to check on Micifuz. He immediately noticed that there was blood on his left side, by the rib cage.

Daddy had Micifuz lie down on his side and began to examine him. He asked mommy to bring him cloths with warm water to wipe him.

Daddy tried to determine if Micifuz had been scratched by a cat, bit by a dog, or hit by a car... none of which was the case.

Unable to determine what had happened, and unable to find a bleeding spot, Daddy became concerned he was not dealing with the blood of Micifuz. Could this be something else's blood? Daddy asked himself.

Daddy became concerned that the blood could be human, but Mommy pointed out that Micifuz now appeared lethargic, so the blood had to belong to Micifuz.

Although Daddy was not able to find a wound on Micifuz, as he lifted Micifuz, he saw fresh blood. Daddy was relieved to know he was dealing with the blood of Micifuz, but he was also concerned that his kitty was bleeding.

"Oh, my baby!" said Daddy

At this point, Daddy wrapped Micifuz in a towel, while mommy called the pet ER. After making sure that the pet ER was open, Mommy, Mini D, and Daddy took Micifuz to the pet ER.

At the pet ER, Daddy gave Micifuz over to the veterinary nurse, who took him inside to be checked by the veterinary. The family couldn't go in with Micifuz due to the current pandemic.

After a little while, the veterinary called Mommy and Daddy. Micifuz had been pierced on his chest, and the piercing had gone through his lung. He had lost much blood.

Daddy had not been able to find the wound because it was small. It was likely that someone had shot Micifuz with an air rifle, although the vet had not found he bullet.

Micifuz was in critical condition, and no treatments were certain to save his life.

That night, Mommy, Daddy, and Mini D said one last goodbye to Micifuz. They hugged him, kissed him, and cried for him.

The veterinary first injected Micifuz with a sedative (which he no longer appeared to need), and then with a second injection. Micifuz was gone in an instant.

Daddy was furious. Many angry thoughts crossed his mind. Whoever had shot Micifuz did not need to do that—Micifuz wasn't hurting or harming anyone—the area is wooded and was supposed to be safe.

For several days, Daddy kept thinking about Micifuz. Initially, Daddy couldn't sleep and had a strong headache. He was very sad, missing Micifuz.

Eventually, Daddy found strength and peace in God–he remembered that one day, after God makes all things new, he and the family will see Micifuz running happily and freely in the New Earth.


Song by Elton John

This song made me think about Micifuz. In the song, a man misses his friend, whom he loved like a brother. Obviously, the friend is deceased.

© 2020 Marcelo Carcach

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