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Mischief Night Murders


Drip, drip, drip. Blood fell from his knife. He stood over Elaine’s lifeless body. The basement door was open. Bloodstained her nightgown.

“She was pretty,” thought the killer Dwayne Cartwright. “I love a brunette.” He bent down and pulled her lips apart. “Got crooked teeth, though. He picks her up and throws her down the basement steps. Her neck was broken in the fall; the crunch was audible. Her head was facing backward and staring up at Dwayne, lifelessly.

“Bitch knocked off my mask.” He leaned down and picked up his mask. Then he put it on again and headed out the back door. He sneaked through hedges and bushes. Also, he hid around corners of houses, even amongst garbage cans, all to avoid detection.

It was at eight o’clock. Justine and Carl were seated on the sofa watching a film. Their babysitter Marnie, walked in from the kitchen, holding a bottle of water.

“Did I miss anything?” Marnie asked.

“You missed so much,” Carl snickered.

“No she didn’t,” Justine corrected her brother.

“Lighten up Justine,” Carl said. “I was just teasing the babysitter.”

Marnie wedged in between the two kids on the sofa.

“That reminds me,” Marnie said. “Carl you left one of your action figures on the stairs. I stepped on him and broke one of the legs.”

“Was it one of my wrestlers?” asked Carl. Marnie looked down and nodded.


“No,” Carl protested, his eyes wide. Marnie smiled.

“Got ya!.” Carl’s face reddened.

“You’re so lame,” Carl sneered.

“She’s just teasing,” Justine said. “Did she hurt your feelings?”

“You two just wait,” Carl said. I’ll get you both.”

He slumped down and folded his arms across his chest. He zoned out of the movie and started thinking of different ways to get even with Justine and the babysitter.

Across the street, Dwayne climbed in through the living room window. Carl excused himself and headed outside. He waited outside of the garage. After a while, Justine started getting curious as to where her brother went.

“We haven’t seen Carl in a while,” Justine said.

“Relax,” Marnie answered. “Knowing your brother he’s probably hiding somewhere waiting to jump out and scare us.”

“I know,” Justine said. “He’s my brother; I worry about him.”

“Don’t tell him that,” Marnie warned.

“Oh, I know,” Justine said. Carl would never let me live that down.”

A silhouette of a man appeared in the window across the street. He turned the lights out and the inside of the house fell into darkness. Carl knew something was not right. Mrs. Blankenship, the elderly neighbor, rarely had visitors. So he went inside and talked to Marnie.

“I think there is something wrong over at Mrs. Blankenship’s house,” Carl said.

Justine and Marnie exchanged a look.

“Why do you say that?” asked Marnie.

“I thought I saw a man in her living room,” Carl said.

“He looked like he had a weapon or something in his hand.”

“You and your sister stay here stay here,” Marnie said. I’m going to go see if Mrs. Blankenship needs any help.” She pulled out a snub-nose revolver from her purse, concealed it in the pocket of her San Francisco 49ers jacket, and then headed out the door.

The autumn leaves danced in the breeze. The crisp red leaves gave the air a rich and pleasant aroma; that of fall leaves. As she walked quickly she felt a pit rise in her gut. What if there was a burglar, or a rapist, or… She tried pushing the bad thoughts out of her skull. Marnie stepped on the porch, rang the doorbell, and waited. No one seemed to be around; the house seemed to be completely abandoned. Then the door opened slowly.

“Mrs. Blankenship,” Marnie said. “I was just checking to see if everything was okay?”

“Everything is fine dear,” the voice said. “No need to worry your pretty little head.”

The voice sounded creepy. It sounded much more like a man impersonating an old woman than an actual old woman, thought Marnie.

“Do you have a cold, Mrs. Blankenship?” Marnie asked. “You don’t sound like yourself.”

“Perhaps something is going around,” the voice responded.

The door began to close but Marnie stopped it with her foot and arm. Suddenly she felt a hot stabbing pain in her gut. She staggered backward and then realized she was bleeding. This was after cupping her hands to her stomach. That’s when she noticed all the blood covering her hands. Dwayne stepped out onto the front porch and showed his knife to her. Marnie pulled out her gun and fired. He fell back into the entrance of the doorway.

Marnie then went inside; she took off her shirt and used it to try and stop the bleeding. Wearing only a bra and pants, she struggled to speak as she urged the cops to hurry over to the house at 123 Washington Street. Then she passed out shortly after making that phone call.