Minnesota Musing: Doppelgangers - Are You Me or Am I You

Updated on March 16, 2018
Two very identical looking creatures. One very hostile. One very scared. It's a do or die moment.
Two very identical looking creatures. One very hostile. One very scared. It's a do or die moment.


Doppeganger is a German word that means double goer. There is a belief that sometimes someone can be lightly seen that looks the same as someone. Like a ghost of some sort.

It's somewhat creepy and here is a movie about them. At least, that's what I was told. I have never seen the movie myself, so I will have to take their word for it.

It Started in Fun

I was working and switching spots with other people so they could go to training. There is a person who goes around and their job is to audit on an hourly basis and to verify that our product is accurate.

It was funny, because she started at one side of the room and worked her way to the other side. I was at the first spot she checked, but I switched with her last spot and when she came around the corner, she looked at me in surprise.

She teased that there was a person who looked exactly like me on another line and she was convinced it was my doppelganger. So, then, when I switched back and she repeated her process once again, I teased back that I was aware that she had met my twin, to which she replied that she didn't know if there was three of us. She just wasn't quite certain.

We both had a good laugh.

But, now I'm writing this page because I thought that you and I should share the moment.

What is a Doppelganger

Well. It's a fictitious twin that apparently is your evil double and according to stories, will kill you and assume your life, with no one in your life being any the wiser, other than they think that you are a jerk from that moment on.

In reality, only a person with mental illness would attempt such a horrific event.

But, there are people who desperately believe in them and will arm themselves with rifles that shoot a twenty-two caliber shell. Supposedly, they believe that a .22 is what is needed to shoot something that is dead.

Why Do People Believe These Things

Well, it started a long, long time ago when someone wrote down the book of Revelation. This book discussed how in the last days, at some point, all the dead people would come back to life and be judged.

Some people refer to it as the Zombie Apocalypse. They completely believe part of the story in Revelation, but disregard the rest of the story, that says that Jesus died on the cross. Many will disregard that Jesus told about the end of times.

Some people will go back and read Leviticus and talk about how you cannot eat certain things. There are others, who will read the entire chapter and discover that we've all been wearing mixed cloth, and all sorts of things that were taboo.

Not to mention, but I will, that somewhere when bombs are dropped, the insides are composed of pork grindings, so in the event that someone who doesn't want pork to touch them is under them when they are dropped, it's too late for them, because they are covered in pork dust. Or, something.

It's kind of mean, really.

Jesus Died and Came Back to Life

You remember that, don't you? Jesus was nailed to a cross. The Bible foretold that it was going to happen. It foretold the people who would be involved, and it proved that the Bible was accurate.

He died and his soul descended into hell. This is what we recite in Church. The nicene creed. Then, we recite that he rose again from the dead, and we point out that this information is in the Scriptures, so again, it's true.

Then, after he walked around and made sure everybody knew that he was back, he ascended into Heaven. He promised that he'd be back, someday.


What, pray tell, does Jesus have to do with Doppelgangers, you ask?

Well, nothing, really, except that the person who decided to think about dead people coming back to life, had to get their information from some source and I truly believe that they got their information from Revelation.

Quoting the Bible

All types of people quote passages from the Bible. Some have read the Bible. Some have not. Some people plan their entire life around following a few sentences and rules in the Bible, and some try to avoid the subject, entirely.

Or do they?

Even unbelievers, believe somethings about the teachings in the Bible, even if they claim that they don't believe any of it. Well, they have to have a basis for their own arguments.

So, unbelievers are believers to the point where they argue about not believing. Any time you have an argument about something you disagree on, you are using the argument starter as the facts.


Jesus, son of Mary and God himself: man who was sent by God to prove a point. The power of God. The man who kissed Jesus and betrayed him, was horrified that he was the chosen one to do the deed.

Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit, all three the same, knew that they were the one running the show and it was going to go the way they said, or nothing.

Well. They were successful.

Successful to the point where most people don't know what to believe. They are torn between reality and imaginary people. Stressed about events that seem to be happening and numb to the possibilities.


Reality. What a concept. Reality, an ever changing field of accumulation. Every act that someone creates, makes a change for the next moment.

So, an imagined Doppelganger will try to control the situation, adding that certain je ne sais pas quality to someone else's life. It's an element of doubt.

Doubt, leads to paranoia, and paranoia leads to imagined things.

Like doppelgangers.




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      • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

        Char Milbrett 

        11 months ago from Minnesota

        :) Thanks for your comment, Larry Rankin.

      • Larry Rankin profile image

        Larry Rankin 

        11 months ago from Oklahoma

        The doppelgänger concept is always a fun one to explore.


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