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Midnight Police 2 - Asylum Horror

I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.


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A burning, dismembered fat psychotic on his knees yelling in pain and rage after my SPAS-12 shotgun stopped him in his tracks. He's among the few that set themselves on fire to charge me; all that's left of our element. The psychotic's eyes burned a hole in me as he bled out from his dismembered limbs; rapid-fire pump-action cut him down from his knees and disabled him further as he tried to get to me after the fact. "People" here are beyond arresting. Now, this place was completely hostile and I'm going to bring order to chaos.


That night, every cell just flew open like the doors were made of styrofoam; many lives were ripped apart by disfigured psychoes wielding whatever they could pull off the nearest wall. God only knows what would have happened to the rest of the staff had we not been here. Most of them got evacuated, our element leader went out like a true hero; still giving orders and keeping the hostiles nervous with his M4; all after half his face got ripped off and with a steel rod protruding from his chest. Maintaining professional calm all throughout. This got so bad that TOC had to call in an MH6 Little Bird gunship to strafe the hordes on the ground; providing breathing room for the evac trailers to move in and extract the staff.


I stayed behind to finish the job, literally stacking all the guns of my fallen brothers on my back; dual-wielding MP5s to resume the fight. Hallway after hallway; those things that have forfeited humanity for insanity were pumped full of lead. Magazine after another fell until there was nothing left. Many angry faces, many sneers, and many cries of desperation populated the darkness of this asylum; a structure dating back to the 1950s. My submachine gun ammo ran out and all I had were a pistol and a shotgun; saving them for later, I used a riot shield as a melee weapon. Ideal for breaking faces. However, it didn't last long and the shotgun had to take the stage and, here we are now; loading more shells to resume my sweep.


I had enough stamina to do this forever; adrenaline pulling a double shift today since option 2 is death. The Midnight Police program is top secret and officially, this hellhole is condemned and deserted; something tells me those are not regular mental cases. As I finished the thought, something tackled me; jumped out of the darkness. As fast as I could, I jumped up. It was gone but, so was my shotgun. Christ, now one of them is armed!

Shots ran down the hall behind me, this thing shot everything it saw. I gotta get my gun back! Here it is, coming back around; maybe to finish me off, the miserable dim lights exposed something that looked more like a chimpanzee than a human! Long hairy limbs and a wide twisted smile; looking me dead in the eyes while playing with the gun; challenging me to take it! Well, I accept and swiftly, knocked it out of his grip with a downward slap while using my free hand to bring him close enough to drive my head into his teeth. I wore a helmet, unfortunately for him. Rinse-repeat and the psycho's face is mush, finishing him off by snapping his spine over my kneecap.


Hell got extra souls today; screaming, howling psychopaths but what came next crosses all lines.

"You think you can just say and do what you want?!" an old wall speaker sprung to life, scratching at the air. "Your obedience has to be bolted into you!"

Scanning my immediate area, I was getting ready for another horde, "Let me show you others who disobeyed!" the speaker finished and started naming my squadmates!
All died a grisly death at the hands of the psychoes. After it finished, more of the fat psychoes I shot down ran from down the hall; hands outstretched to grab me to satisfy their bloodlust. Taking aim, I wanted to open fire...

"Think you smarter?!" I spun around to see another fat psycho; before I could react, everything went black and the last thing I saw is a human arm flying towards me!


Asphalt....smell of rubber and night air.....I was no longer in the asylum! Picking myself up, I noticed I was......back at the precinct! It was different, something about it was off; it felt like it was deserted for centuries with empty windows, no lights, and a broken front gate.

As I walked inside, it was as if a gang of tornadoes has rampaged there. Everything was strewn about the floor; the silence was so strong that my ears began feeling pressured. My gear was gone; no holster, not even my helmet; someone put me here deliberately, and in the unholiest of ways, I got my answer.

"Hell isn't such a bad place; it seemed nice when I visited!" a silhouette sneered at me; something about it was familiar but at the same time, very eerie. "Come on man, you'd trust your brother!"


It walked towards me and it was my deceased squadmate! His dead body totally desecrated and used as a marionette; some ungodly way, the body's mouth was talking and the eyes now had small lightbulbs! A decorated police officer used as a puppet! My friend, my brother in arms who had my back......desecrated like that!

"I disobeyed and look at me now!" it continued taunting me. "Now I obey against my will and soon, you will too; with the rest of your brothers in arms!" God knows how I want to destroy this mockery but for some reason, I can't move; my hands feel numb and my legs won't move; I'm paralyzed!

After another blackout, I woke up strapped to a hospital bed in an operating theatre; blueprints of human dissection, diagrams of electric circuitry, and a mechanical abomination that was illustrated on said diagrams were all staring me down; looming over my bed!

"Isn't it great, I will soon be inside you!" It shrieked in twisted glee.


© 2020 Jake Clawson

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