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Mercury in Virgo Thinkers

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Mercury in Virgo Thinkers

Your best friend Ana has Mercury in Virgo, and is witty, intelligent, and well informed, true? Well, she is a valuable friend to have, as she is a cautious and prudent person, and will always be very perceptive, able to give you sensible advice. She is warm and kind, and takes care of the people in her life. She is a practical person, but very versatile too, and you love the way she does great imitations. Her strong powers of persuasion have steered you in the right direction more than once. Mercury rules the way you think.

Mercury in Virgo Needs a Big Day Planner


Organized and Analytical

Mercury in Virgo people are serious and critical, and hold themselves to those standards. They have good memories and are quick studies. They like to use all natural products, so would be great owners of a natural food store, or working as a nurse, because their standards of hygiene are very high. They make excellent planners, are good at math, and also love literature. A person with these skills would make a great office manager too. Mercury in Virgo people have analytical minds and practical reasoning abilities. They care about accuracy to a degree that seems trivial to others. More about that later.

Ana’s grandmother left her an inheritance, and since Ana is approaching thirty, she believes the most logical use for the money would be to buy a house. She has been living with her boyfriend, Jake, for several years now; he is the lead guitarist in a successful band, recipients of several platinum albums. Ana loves the arts, but she is not the kind of woman to fall in love with a starving artist, she is too careful for that.

Ana feels that she works hard, and would never consider a love interest who was not self sufficient. She is not a cold person, but she is ruled by her head, not her heart, and cares what other people think too. She is fair minded, but feels if she and Jake buy a home together, it should be as equal partners, and a starving artist would not be able to do that. So men without income potential were never considered dating material for Ana. Luckily, Jake has a successful band!

Mercury in Virgo people are normally well educated. They are eloquent speakers and writers, and some of them are proficient in several languages. Mercury in Virgo people care so much about details, their grammar, spelling, and punctuation are excellent. They are highly organized, and woe to you if you work in an office with them and a paper clip is at the wrong angle. Or if a pile of papers looks sloppy in that file. Mercury in Virgo people expect their surroundings to be clean and orderly, and when they work on any project, the procedures will be efficient and accurate.

Obsessed with Trivial Details

Ana is a writer. She has found a niche for herself, having published one best selling mystery, and recently released a second book in the series, which is doing quite well on the sales charts. Status is important to Mercury in Virgo people. They want to know what is going on with everyone. They are not nosy, but want to be informed about what is happening in their neighborhood and social circle. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, both intelligent positions. But the Mercury in Gemini person likes to know things because they love facts and learning new things.The Mercury in Virgo person only wants to know things that have a practical application, or things which keep them up on their social loop.

So Ana is ready to go home shopping with Jake, and has strong ideas of what she wants in a home. Since Mercury in Virgo people know exactly what they want, and only want the best, we can be sure Ana will drive the realtor completely crazy by the time she finds a home with all her requirements. Ana must see, know, and understand things on her own, and investigate every minute detail about everything.

Now, it is prudent to keep your eyes wide open and inspect many details when buying a home, but an insistence on trivial details that do not really matter can get tiresome, as Mercury in Virgo people often obsess about the smallest details. So we know that Ana will look at many, many homes before she can narrow it down to a few she likes. Jake will start off looking with her, but since nobody but Ana cares about some of the minor issues, he will finally bury himself in writing songs for the band’s next release and leave it up to Ana to find the house that fills her stringent requirements.

Circular Herb Kitchen Garden


Nature Lovers

Ana adores Craftsman style homes, because they are affordable and well designed. Since she has such a love of nature, Ana wants a home built of locally handcrafted woods, real moldings, glass and metal work. She cannot imagine a home without a big front porch to sit on in the evenings. Exposed beams in the living room would be beautiful. A hand crafted stone walkway leading to the front door would be nice. Ana is not a big fan of air conditioning; she hopes to find a home with windows that have good cross ventilation.

She has already walked away from several homes with brand new carpeting, because she worries about smelling formaldehyde in the carpeting. All the floors must be hardwood, except for maybe the tile in the bathroom. Ana loves gardening, and wants a big back yard. She always dreamed of having a circular, herb cutting garden outside the back door, like one she saw once at a 19th century village. Plus a vegetable garden is a must, that way Ana can be sure where her veggies are coming from, and that they are not sprayed with dangerous pesticides.

So we can see the realtor has her work cut out for her. Ana has strongly defined demands of what she expects in a home. Plus planets in Virgo always give a person a touch of hypochondria, hard to deal with. A realtor can only show homes that meet as many of Ana’s requirements as possible, but compromise has to be part of the deal too, unless Ana is prepared to build a home from scratch. Neither she nor Jake have the time, knowledge, or money to do that, so Ana is going to have to get real and perhaps sacrifice one or two of her ideas to get a home as close to what she wants as possible.

Fussy and Critical

Now, it isn’t that Mercury in Virgo people are hard to get along with at all. They are smart, nice people. They just worry a lot more than the average person, and obsess about such little details that sometimes they can’t see the forest for the trees. Ana has said “no” to several lovely homes because she did not like the wall colors, which could be painted. She turned down a home she loved because the closets were cluttered, but the house would be empty when sold, so Mercury in Virgo people get too fussy about issues that do not even materialize.

Ana will need a home office for her writing, but that can be what another couple would use as a nursery or small bedroom. A finished basement with some soundproofing is a must for her boyfriend, that way the band can practice at the house. At the present time the couple is not entertaining the thought of beginning a family, and a few of the band members are already dads. So for a while band practice will be held at Ana and Jake’s place. They may want to have children down the road, but both of them want to be more established in their careers before they venture into parenthood.

Realistic and Cautious

So the search begins, and as suspected, Jake has more eclectic tastes than Ana. She is pretty much stuck on that picture she holds in her mind, and the real estate agent finally has to sit down with Ana and tell her that she has to be realistic, that every tiny element she sees in her mind’s eye is not possible to find. But the style and many of the details Ana wants are doable, and for an affordable price, if the couple is willing to go a little further out of the city.

Ana and Jake talk it over, and realize this is a good idea for both of them. Ana needs quiet and not too much interruption during her days so she can write. Jake cannot be worried the neighbors are going to be upset every time he has a band practice. They have two options. One is to go out into the country, and find a home with a really large, finished basement that Jake can soundproof and use as his “man cave.” It’s really the only requirement he has, he loves Ana enough to agree to live in the style of home she likes, since her heart is set on it. Sometimes there is a small guest house on a property, and with a little work, that could be used as Ana’s writing studio.

Ana's Dream Home


A Doable Plan

So finally the couple found a workable plan, which is a Mercury in Virgo person’s fantasy. And they only had to look at seventy houses to get there! Once they made those decisions about what they most needed for their careers, Ana’s dream house was not out of reach. Of course, the house they finally moved into was not included in the seventy they looked at. More shopping was necessary to meet the new plan. So how did it all shake out? They found their treasure after seeing about twenty more homes. The happy couple found a home Ana adored on five acres of property, with a huge basement for Jake, and a lovely, sunny room for Ana’s office. There was still plenty of room for Ana’s gardens, and for entertaining outside too.

Ana and Jake plan to get married sooner or later, but right now their biggest priority is getting moved into their new home, and getting their work schedules adjusted. They think it is fabulous they got what they wanted after being shown about ninety houses. Most realtors give home buyers a housewarming gift, and hopefully the realtor bought herself a case of a good wine, quite richly deserved! The wedding planner is still blissfully ignorant about what she faces when they decide to marry, but at least Ana and Jake found a property to make into a happy home.

© 2013 Jean Bakula

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