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Mercury in Gemini Thinkers

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.


The Mercury in Gemini Mind Works Overtime

Mercury in Gemini people are among the best communicators, since Gemini is the sign of Mercury’s ruler ship. People with a Gemini Mercury have pure, logical, reasoning abilities, are versatile, unbiased, and their communication can sometimes seem a bit impersonal in style. These are people with a lot of curiosity; they want to learn a little about everything. It is often said they are “Jacks of all trades and Masters of none,” but as this writer has Mercury in Gemini, and puts in a lot of hard work and study to complete what is started, it depends on other factors and aspects in the person’s horoscope. You can find your Mercury sign here.

Frazzled Nerves

People with this planetary placement like to get to the bottom of everything, and are more concerned with facts than attitudes. They are normally well educated, knowledgeable in many subjects, and able to communicate their ideas easily. They speak quickly and about several subjects at once, but this is because their minds are always racing, so it may be hard to figure out which out of five subjects they are discussing at any given time. This speech will be rapid, accurate, use interesting vocabulary words, and come off as very eloquent. Mercury in Gemini people are known for their clarity of expression. But there is a down side to this, because their minds get so frazzled by thinking about so much, they tend to have nervous stomachs or to get cranky if they cannot get some quiet time. It is very difficult for the Mercury in Gemini person to shut out external stimuli.

They hear all the speaking and activity going on around them (often because of them) and it registers in their awareness with intensity and vividness. They have the capacity to register several impressions and thoughts at once, and are able to sort it all through. But that comes at a cost to their nerves. At some point this person needs to get out of a busy and noisy environment, just to refocus that busy mind. They would not have it any other way, a Mercury in Gemini person thrives on knowing everything that is going on at once. The issue or problem is that they spread themselves too thin, and have to divide their attention in too many directions, and that is the point where they need to meditate or just go for a long walk alone, and listen to the quiet.

Fair and Balanced

The person with this Mercury position also is a stickler for fairness, so views every issue from several stand points. This is not a good thing for somebody who has to make up their mind to make a stand about something. Plus it is really confusing for those around them. They are not fickle, though are often accused of that, but after scrutinizing a situation, a Mercury in Gemini person may very possibly change their opinion. In fact, you can count on it. They can lack continuity of purpose when they undertake too many projects at once. It took this Mercury in Gemini person many years to learn not to procrastinate and have to make too many decisions at once, which makes more work anyway. Realizing that doing whatever can be done in advance should be finished early has made life much easier.

A Mercury Gemini mind is fast, and is great in emergencies. A good education helps them to make the best use of their communication skills, and to make the most of their mental capacities. They make great authors and writers, scientists, mathematicians, reporters, computer techs, teachers and lecturers. When this writer began online writing, it was never with an eye to taking the role of teacher, but it just worked out that way. It is very gratifying to know you learn from what I write, and to read your lovely notes telling me so. Also, although this writer has this Mercury position, this article and all the Astrology ones are usually written from the point of view of the highest level of achievement the sign can achieve. This person is not there yet!

Interesting solutions to problems come with the territory here, since clever people are inventive and resourceful. Although they try to stay unbiased, they are sympathetic and seldom prejudiced. They are good humored social butterflies, generous, perceptive, observant and shrewd. They love travel and are normally informed on current affairs, though they tread carefully and try to avoid arguments. Mercury in Gemini people love to read so they can acquire more knowledge, but also enjoy reading just for fun. This one reads two or three books a week.

Intelligent and Well Read


Ideal Home for Mercury in Gemini Person

So how will it go when the Mercury in Gemini person begins house hunting? This person may have been toying with the idea of home ownership someday, then suddenly one day it became time to go house shopping Immediately! Why is this so important all of a sudden? The Mercury in Gemini person probably is not even sure, so don’t you try too hard to make sense out of it. Just go with it.

This mentally frazzled person needs a home which feels soothing. It has to be a refuge from all the noise and people in their entourage. Mercury in Gemini people love both the noise and the people, but not 24/7. That mind speeding like a locomotive needs a quiet place which promises solitude and comfort when it is needed. Sometimes a little mental health day is necessary, to hang out in PJ’s all day, read, meditate, and get centered before the frenetic pace picks up again.

But unique, little things will charm the Mercury in Gemini person when it comes to buying a house. When this writer was buying a home with her husband, it was a very stressful time in our lives. My husband and I came to this house at night, on a one lane road in the woods. We stood on the back deck on a clear and cold winter night, where we could see so many stars. We looked at each other and knew this was it, without even finding out too many details, and I still love it here. A different Mercury in Gemini person may just walk into a front door, and fall in love with the cathedral ceiling and fireplace in the living room. A little nook of three or four windows in a semi circle will seem like the perfect reading room, or place for a window seat with colorful, fluffy cushions. Gemini is an air sign, you know. There must be room for plenty of bookshelves, preferably built ins. So the Mercury in Gemini person wants a modern, comfy, lived in feel to a home. It should be large enough to entertain indoors and out, but the buyers will settle for a huge eat in kitchen and forego the formal dining room.

Rooms Will Change as Life Evolves

Most air signs have refined tastes, so a good sized flower garden and beautiful landscaping matter too, it has to be pretty, and a place visited by butterflies and birds. The outdoor space is important for meditating alone, or partying with a crowd. This home needs to be versatile, like its owner. Plus the home will often change anyway once the buyer falls in love with it, and as the owner’s interests change, so will the purposes of certain rooms. Mercury in Gemini people like puzzles, and this one often leaves a 1,000 piece one out on a table, so when guests drop by, they automatically sit down and begin to work on it while they catch up on what’s new. Try it, it can be very relaxing. That little room which is a home office can also be a Tarot reading room, shared as a music room for the family member in a band. There will be all kinds of crafts, plants, Astrology charts, and whatever interests the Mercury in Gemini person and her family at the time.

A Need to Socialize and to be Quiet

So once they get all settled in, the house will be a tasteful, yet eclectic mix, reflecting everything the buyers like to see and do. Many pictures will be on display to show how their lives have changed over the years. It will be both the gathering place for party time, and the quiet refuge for those days when the Mercury in Gemini person gets that frazzled out head and upset stomach. A few hours reading and meditating in the glassed in, windowed porch, which used to be an extra bedroom, is all it will take to put the mentally overwhelmed homeowner back in her social butterfly mood once again!

Reading and Meditation Room


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