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Mercury in Aquarius Thinkers

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Mercury in Aquarius People

They like to be different.

They like to be different.

How Mercury in Aquarius People Think

People with Mercury in Aquarius are some of the nonconformists of the zodiac, and feel they have to be true to themselves. These are people who like to dress in unusual clothes, and normally change their hairstyles and hair colors often. They also have strong wills, and it is very hard to change their minds about anything. They do not really care what other people think about them. The only opinion about their behavior which matters to them is their own, because they would never want to be hypocrites. They are very open to new experiences, and see things in the light of their own impersonal kind of truth. Mercury in Aquarius people are sociable, but in a sort of aloof way. They are unbiased and objective in thought, and always truthful.

The Nonconformists

Mercury in Aquarius people do not care about traditions, or socially accepted ideas, especially if they conflict with their own life experiences and proven facts. Things in life that completely unnerve others, or truths that other people find incomprehensible, do not rate the blink of an eye from a Mercury in Aquarius person. These are the humanitarians of the zodiac, and they will involve themselves in groups or organizations, which care about both individuals and larger groups that work to help them in some way. The spiritual unfolding of people matters greatly to Mercury in Aquarius people, and they want to spread their sunshine all over the place.

The water-bearer is their symbol. A common astrology question this writer hears is “What the hell is a water-bearer?” It is a symbol represented by a person pouring something out of a jug, and onto the land. The ingredients in that jug are love and understanding, and Mercury in Aquarius people want to give their abundant love and understanding to everyone. They give their sympathy too.

A Victorian Home


Mercury in Aquarius People Help the Homeless

Let’s call our Mercury in Aquarius person Bruce. He can see the big picture, and loves to work with groups of people and large organizations. He also likes metaphysical topics, and craves being around people, because he has a need for a lot of mental stimulation, coupled with great organizational skills. This is a guy with a lot of friends and contacts from all kinds of places, as he has traveled all over the world while in the Peace Corp. So if Bruce were to venture into real estate, what would he do? We know he likes to be different, and enjoys surrounding himself and sharing ideas with others. Bruce would be the perfect person to run a boarding house, for people who only want a place to stay for a limited amount of time, and then new people would move in to replace them.

Bruce could make a living off of this, with a minimum of staff, because he is very mechanically inclined, and the idea is becoming more and more attractive. But not just any large home will do. Bruce always loved victorian houses, especially the round turrets that have round rooms in them. So he called a realtor, and embarked upon a journey to find just the right house to begin his new business venture.

He has a friend named Lilly whom he has known since elementary school, and he is thinking of asking her if she would be the cook and work the kitchen in exchange for a nice room in the soon to come boarding house. Since Lilly is a free spirit herself, she fell in love with the idea, and said yes. The area Bruce was looking in was near the Social Services offices where Lilly worked, so it was more convenient for her to live there than commuting from her small apartment across town. It was cheaper too!

The Real Estate Search Begins

So now it all comes down to finding the right house. Somewhere along the way Bruce asked Lilly to come out with him and the realtor, because he has always respected her opinion. She is not a girly girl, she is a high spirited Sagittarius who also has a love of people from all walks of life, and is also very interested in spiritual issues, metaphysical issues, and the like. She is well read and also has a nurturing side, which comes out in her career as a social worker, so the idea of running the kitchen of the boarding house really appeals to Lilly. It took a few weeks, but finally Bruce found a great place in a pretty and quiet neighborhood, Lilly liked it too. So he signed all the papers and it was his.

As was said, Bruce has his own way of looking at Life, the Universe, and Everything. He understands that reason exists as a pattern of the Universal Mind, of which the individual mind is only a tiny part. Bruce is able to perceive the mind itself as an energy field and its contents as an energy pattern. He has a lot of scientific insight into the workings of material manifestations and sees reality on a microcosmic level—a pattern of energy pulses in motion. His ability in math helps a lot with seeing how the changes he wants to make in his mind’s eye will work, and many people with Mercury in Aquarius are scientists.

Home Library


Mercury in Aquarius People Have Telepathy

He is also telepathic, and he knows Lilly is too. He is very intuitive, and can change his mind like lightning, another symbol of Aquarius. It can be a bit hard to keep up with his thoughts. But he is capable of strong powers of concentration, and feels confident he can get this house in shape, and begins getting organized by making a list of all that needs to be done, and tackling each task one at a time.

First of all the main repairs need to be made, but luckily the house is in pretty good shape. The front porch needs a little work, and he wants to update the kitchen a bit. Eventually he wants a vegetable garden and a flower one with a gazebo in the back yard, which is sizable. But the rest of it is all cosmetic and furniture changes, so he needs separate bedrooms, but the kitchen, dining room, living room, foyer, and common room with the library will be shared by all of the occupants.

Lilly had some good ideas about decorating the bedrooms too, especially since she would be living in, so breakfast could be served early in the morning. Although she always consulted with Bruce at first, eventually she took all the meal planning and shopping as her responsibility.

So when all the work was done, Bruce felt really good about it all, and before long people were moving in. It was great meeting new people and getting to talk to them. Having newcomers live in the boarding house for weeks or months was really fun, because Bruce got to know a lot of them quite well, and he found it all a very interesting experience. His thinking is very refined and he is smart, so of course a library had to be a part of this project. People who stayed there all made their own mark in little ways, by planting trees or flowers, or helping to decorate certain rooms more to their taste if they stayed longer. Bruce’s penetrating mind loved learning all the new people had to teach, and he is a keen observer of human nature.

Organized Humanitarians

Bruce could have used his organizational skills and great mind in a corporation, but he loved making a temporary home for people, and felt he was performing a service of sorts. And he truly was, because one of the first women who moved in with her baby was escaping an abusive husband. For some reason Mercury in Aquarius people are always intellectuals who get along well with elderly people, even when they are very young, maybe because they are such old souls themselves.

Any time an older person came to stay for a bit, Bruce loved to hear stories about their lives, and felt he learned so much about not only the people, but history. Being such a deep thinker, this project certainly gave Bruce a lot to think about! Lilly also fell in love with the house and the kitchen, and found it so enjoyable to sit around the table each morning and catch up with all the guests during their coffee and tea. Since she was a social worker, Lilly also was able to refer people to the boarding house now and then if they were going through a tough time. She was also able to do much of her work from the house.

It became a habit for Bruce and Lilly to sit down on the porch or the library at night, after the guests had gone to their rooms, and talk more about their plans and dreams, for their new friends, and for themselves. They became very close during this project, and after these cozy nights of sharing their thoughts, found they had developed deep feelings for each other too. It was no surprise, they both loved helping others, both had independent spirits, and as they planned for the needs of the house, they leaned on each other a lot and shared so many thoughts, they gradually became a couple.

Relaxing on the Swing


Long Time Friends Find Love

Those romantic feelings had a way of sneaking up on them, because they had to consult each other many times throughout the day and seek out each other’s opinions. They realized how much they had in common, and that they both found running the boarding house so rewarding. Lilly still kept her job since it was so close, but for Bruce the maintenance of the victorian became a full time job. Maybe later down the road they considered opening another house, as they were able to make ends meet quite well, and felt they were providing an important service by sharing one home with so many people.

They were making a smaller carbon footprint by not having several houses to sleep a group of people, the gardens started providing a lot more of the food, and many of the boarders were happy to work and pitch in with the chores or had skills to offer as well. Everyone was willing to recycle or repurpose any furniture, and over time many boarders were very skilled. They both adored some of the characters that came to stay, and made lifelong friends with some of them. Plus, nobody was surprised the first time or two they found Bruce and Lilly kissing or gently rocking on the outdoor swing holding hands. Everyone who stayed with them realized they were in love with each other even before they did!

© 2013 Jean Bakula

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