Memories of Love

Updated on October 6, 2017

Do you go back in time to a loving memory?

As I sit here at my desk at a quarter past four

I ponder over the events of those days once more

And remember the time we fed cows and sheep

I couldn’t get rid of that smell for a week

The nights you sneaked in, in search of some action

And the day times were spent on some fair ground attraction

You laughed and got headaches watching Rush hour three

The smell of your perfume, so vivid to me.

We met at 19, soon to be 21

Sometimes I ask myself where all the time has gone

The apple of my eye, forever you were mine

To love and to cherish and argue sometimes

Alas it has come to conclude my thoughts of you

And get back to what I really should do

A memory of love, a fairy tale now gone

Stored and sealed forever now all is said and done.



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