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Meet with the ghost

I am a writer and teacher. This is a short story of ghost and two boys..


Meeting with Ghost

One day I was returning from school with my brother Anil. We had come here few months ago for my father’s transfer. My father was a ticket collector of Indian railway. So, we were unaware about the place. On the way near a pond there was an old house. Everyday this house was attracting us very much when we would return home from school. We didn’t know still then why we used to stop there in front of the house every time. But that day it was seemed someone was calling us inside the house in muttering voice.

Hearing it we were hypnotized and decided to go inside the burnt house. We had looked to each other and started to go to the house. The house was two storied building. The house’s fence is almost ruined and the gate was completely rusty. We had to give a lot of pressure to open it and we succeeded to open the gate after trying of three times. The gate opened with a loud cracking sound.

After walking few steps we reached in front of the main gate of the house. The gate was opened automatically and we entered into the house. The house was empty and dust almost everywhere. Then we noticed in the room a mirror is hanging in the wall, it was very clean and new. Then we went to the upstairs to look other rooms of the house. There also all rooms were empty but surprisingly the same mirror was there which we saw in the lower room.

Suddenly my brother gave a loud wail to see a shadow in the wall even then me too. We were feeling that the room temperature was going to cold. After few minutes later we heard the same sound which we used to listen returning from the school. We were frightened so much at that moment that we could not speak to each other. Then suddenly smoke was coming from the mirror and filled the room. Then a shadow figure came in front us. His eyes were red and face and body was covered with black cloth. He gave a crackle sound and we fell into the floor in fear.

Then when my sense came back I was in my room then I was looking for my brother Anil. He was sleeping beside me. Then I looked that my mother is coming to the room and said me “how are you?” then she told me last night we were in the burnt house. Local people saved our life they reached at the right time. Then my mother told me everything about the house. Once upon a time there was a magician who was very popular as black magic. He used to kill the children for the black magic.

One day the villagers caught him with the dead body of the children and bind him with the rope. Then they pour the petrol and burnt him. From then his spirit used to call the children and kill them. We were the lucky children because the villager reached in this moment and saved us from this ghost magician. After then we moved on a new place, from then we never went to the place.

© 2021 Dipankar Mondal


Dipankar Mondal (author) from West Bengal, India on April 25, 2021:

Thank you

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on April 24, 2021:

Quite an eerie story. Thanks for sharing.

Dipankar Mondal (author) from West Bengal, India on April 23, 2021:

Thank you

Iqra from East County & Cooking and Baking Expert on April 23, 2021:

Your story is interesting but scary, well done and thanks for sharing

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