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Maybe Bye Forever

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Often, people worry about their body image and wish they could change it. The concerns are weight, skin, hair, body shape, and size. As children get older, we inundate them with unrealistic stereotypical images and messages about their bodies, emphasizing physical appearance. Social media are fostering a negative body image that affects their self-image, which causes them to feel unhappy with their bodies. As parents, we must play a significant role in ensuring our children have good self-esteem and self-image. Mothers and fathers need to serve a vital part in helping children develop a positive identity and sense of self to face problems and resist peer pressure as they grow up.

We should teach young people everything is beautiful, but not everyone can see it. You lack confidence if you want to be the most beautiful woman in the room. Though it is nice to look and feel good, a confident woman doesn’t need anyone to tell her she is pretty to know that she is beautiful, and she understands that beauty comes from within.

This fairytale tells the story of a young, beautiful businesswoman named Tamela Matthew. As gorgeous as she is, waiting for others to make her feel beautiful, confident, or worthy is not her style. She is an independent woman who has a positive self-concept and understands that her life is hers to live. Tamela can confidently stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone while enchanting everyone in the room with her presence.

Beauty, intelligence, passion, and drive give her undeniable appeal. She is elegant in how she dresses, behaves, thinks, and stands up for herself and her loved ones. She is an inspiration to women everywhere. Almost every woman desire to be just like her, but what motivates her? Continue reading to learn more about this inspirational young woman.

Tamela is one of today’s most influential motivational speakers. The way she leads by example inspires others to be confident, find their purpose, and maximize their potential. She conducts training sessions to ensure people have a clear sense of purpose about what makes their lives meaningful. Many know her as a person who has a strong passion for helping others.

The seminars often begin with questions like, “How can men and women contribute positively to society when they are not living up to their potential? Should we fulfill others’ expectations? Trying to meet the expectations of others prevents you from living life to the fullest. What are your routines to practice for living life to the fullest? We can learn from every experience. There is something to learn from everything you experience.


The purpose of our lives rarely enters our minds. As a result, we do not realize finding our purpose is more than just a cliché or a dream that one wishes to come true. It is a tool for an effective career, a loving family, and the secret to a happier, healthier life. Sadly, most people do not make use of it. We can, however, find our purpose and live meaningful lives.

We can achieve goals and desires with discipline. It is not only about making and achieving goals but about organizing your life around your core values. Living a flourishing, fulfilling life means discovering one's purpose, achieving one's goals, and experiencing lasting happiness.

There are three steps to living life to the fullest with meaning and purpose. The first step to living life to the fullest is to live in the present. Let go of the past and never worry about the future. Think about what you want out of life.

The second step is to set goals for making improvements in various areas of your life. Reflect on your life experiences and how they have shaped you. Ask yourself why life is worth living. Reflect on the things that are most significant to you in life. A sense of self-love eliminates the need for comparisons and affirmations.

The third step is to live and let live while you remain focused in the moment to enjoy life to the fullest. Celebrate what makes you unique by appreciating your abilities. By understanding your thinking process, you can change and challenge life trials more effectively.

Humans measure themselves by what they possess. The rich enjoy the admiration and the powerful hold of authority. Only, these concepts are empty because things pass away, meaning you can have them today, and tomorrow they might no longer exist. The same applies to life, here today, gone tomorrow.

There are so many pursuits of life today that are vain, empty, and lacking in substance. When we examine ourselves deeply, we see God created the heart of man for “what is above.” What is here today and gone tomorrow cannot satisfy the desires of humankind.

There is no meaning to life in possessions because everything and everyone is “here today and gone tomorrow” In a world such as ours, success and worth depend on the extent and quality of what we possess. We live in a world of instant gratification; they teach us to accumulate possessions while deceiving.

Power, influence, and possessions come and go because the world fosters immorality at every level. The world encourages greed and selfishness, which is why some people live lavishly with their possessions. While others strive to maintain their integrity in an increasingly deceitful world.

Tamela encourages others to maintain their integrity and be the best version of themselves. Her seminars often begin with the question, “What contribution can a woman or man add to society if they have not lived life to the fullest?” She inquires, “How do you live life to the fullest?” She shares some of her experiences living life to its fullest.

Tamela is unlike most women. As a female, she understands her purpose in life. Her primary goal is not to become successful or well-known but to allow the heavenly father to shine through all she does in her daily life. People wish they could grasp her kind of wisdom and exemplary approach to life since it offers a way to live well. Tamela’s seminars are like discovering a treasure that can help you become the person you want to become. In her seminars, you will learn how to live life to the fullest without regrets.

Tamela is a child of God, who focuses on eternity, and meeting her will allow you to see how she perceives her place on this Earth. You will gain an understanding of how she views life through attending her seminars. As a part of her conferences, you will learn about her life's purpose and how she values it. Hear about Tamela’s childhood and how her mother shared, “She” was a bright, creative girl who accomplished a lot in her preteen years.

Tamela reconnected with her best friend Whitney James from middle school, a young lady who moved to Florida. When they encounter one another; It appears as if they never part ways as they embrace and hug for a long time while catching up. Her company moved her to Florida after she accepted a promotion as CEO. It surprised them to see each other, but they were happy to meet. Whitney helps Tamela cope with the loss of her elderly friend Vashtie, and Tamela assists her move forward after a nasty breakup with William.

William is a guy Whitney loved and was engaged to marry, but he cheated on her and has another woman six months pregnant. So she ended the engagement and walked away. The two young women talk on the phone nearly every day and support each other’s careers. Whitney asks Tamela for advice about her cosmetic product that makes women look more beautiful. Tamela has now hired Whitney as her makeup artist. Whitney tours with Tamela, and the two make the most of their time together. Tamela encourages Whitney to recognize that each day is a gift, as it does not promise tomorrow.

As Tamela and Whitney were ending a seminar, Tamela met an attractive guy. It was so easy to see that she liked him a lot, and she captivated him. His name is Wesley Smith, and he asked Tamela out on a date, and she said yes.

Their first date was high stakes, but their second date felt much more comfortable. If there is a doubt, it will probably surface on the second date, but if not, you will probably still be searching for answers on the third date. The third date differs from the rest because it will be the gateway to a relationship.

There may be some who wonder what happens after the third date. After your third date, both parties are comfortable enough to break some of the golden rules of dating. The male will evaluate whether he is having fun. If he feels she is into him and wishes to see her again.

And the female assesses if he is the one, if he is someone worth inviting to dinner to meet the parents and if he is a good provider. Women sometimes get into trouble when they pursue and secure a relationship because their focus becomes entirely on the relationship. While the male-focused most on getting to the next step, whether that is another date or they enjoyed great intimacy.


Wesley is an ex-boxer, and his best friend is John Davis, the manager, promoter, and TV personality who managed the world heavyweight champion. The champ's name is Vex Lennox. He has a record of 21-0, 17 knockouts. Wesley and Tamela will be ringside when he fights. Vex weighs 261 pounds, 19 pounds more than his opponent. Vex’s opponent has an advantage in both height and reach, but he overcomes both with his expert boxing skills, and the match ends as expected; he knocks out the opponent in the fourth round. In his honor, they held a party. The champion Vex often faces challengers for the crown, but he can hold his own.

After the fight, Wesley and Vex discuss the sweeping left hand his opponent used to stagger him in round three. Vex shared, “I did not get hurt by him, but I hit him with a stiff right hand in round four, and I tightened my defense to knock him out.” But as vex said, “Boxing is my first love. An unknown man ran over to him and took a swing at him. He ducked, and he sucker-punched Wesley. Vex reacted, and three others guys rushed in. While trying to defend himself, Wesley took a string of punches from several guys, which left him face down on the ground.

Vex attack footage went viral after they repeatedly featured it on news and social media. It was one of the most-watched events in history. Through this twist, it takes advantage of the open-source network's ability to connect people with similar interests. Sadly, an innocent man lost his life after being killed by men who challenged and attempt to defeat the champion. It is one thing to bring a challenge, and it is another when it brings about a tragedy.

The love of his life Tamela is in shock, and nothing or no one can prepare her for the emptiness she feels after losing her first love. She has always lived in the moment but never dreamed she would lose the love of her life to one of the most horrific trials a person can endure.

Nothing or nobody can prepare someone for the emptiness they feel to lose the love of their life. It was as if they could not get enough of each other. They wanted to do everything together. She cannot imagine anything better than embarking on an adventure with her incredible partner. Just knowing she will never speak with him again is not okay by any stretch of the word, but grasping Whitney would always support her, gave her strength.

Tamela shared with Whitney that she lacked words to describe how she felt. This feeling is the worst. How could this happen? I cannot believe this is real. I will never know the details of his life and how amazing it could have been with me. We were getting to know one another, but the one thing that brings about happiness is the pleasure of making an acquaintance with him.

When Tamela's first love died, she told Whitney that she felt as though someone was sitting on her chest, making it difficult to breathe without Wesley. She asks Whitney how am I to cope without him. As they were talking, the doorbell ring. Whitney walks to the door and opens it, but no one was there.

Whitney could not see Wesley, so she thought there was no one at the door. Tamela witnessed Wesley walking through the door, she screamed hysterically. A flood of memories flooded her mind as she recalled a funeral home director taking Wesley's body away, and she passed out.

When she regained consciousness, she told Wesley, “I feared I would die without you. Your love, humor, and spirit will live in my memory forever. While I am afraid and shaky to have you here, I am grateful to speak with you.

Wesley told Tamela, I heard your words in my ears. And I returned to be available for you. I am not sure how, but let take it hour by hour, day by day, trying to make it to the next moment, through another morning and then another afternoon and then another night through the ugliest, darkest sorrow and despair together.

Then he continued to say that he did not understand death; it was new to him. It was as if he was sleeping when he died, where the light dwindled in the tired eyes until the shadows from this earth were cast, and the twilight gloom fades. After I am gone, I want you to continue enjoying life. How long I will be here is unclear. You may wake up one morning and find I am gone. I am glad I have this chance to say maybe bye forever.

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