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Marbles and Dominoes


Shooting marbles on the ground, two boys found, enjoying school recess,

One is sad, feels so bad, with his friend shares his feelings, to confess.

My mommy is upset, can't find a job yet, since my daddy left us all alone,

He misses his shot, his lost marble, liked a lot, the last, now all are gone.



On the way to the door, his pal tells more, a job open at his father's store,

Then a time, a feeling so sublime, now returns to this child, as once before.

Later that day, to his mother, shows the way, passes the good news along,

His mom inquires, then all sadness expires, they now may keep their home.


The mother's proposition, inspired a position, she soon moved up the line,

The owner of the store was impressed much more, it worked out just fine.

Then a new life begins, all became best friends, as did their mom and dad,

Not too long, until a church wedding's song, a new brother each one had.


The loss of his mom in the past, now replaced at last, by his own best friend's,

Then all was well, as in their faces, one could tell, the marble game never ends.

Both young men grew up strong and did send, their messages of hope to all,

One a devoted doctor, his life, overcoming all strife, the other, a pastor, to call.


As the dominoes fall, so welt progressing by all, each in their own time,

One provides for another, every sister and a brother, all in finest rhyme.

Marbles in the dirt, message on a shirt, acts of kindness, ours to caress,

We all may never know, just how much love we show, others to impress.


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