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Many Times Love is Enough

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

True meaning of life nd love.

True meaning of life nd love.

Too many hard days. Too few with sunshine. A day, maybe three, savoring each moment, each glinting of her eyes. Who said that we were old? We sure didn’t. We are in love, and have been for over 44 years and will soon pass from this life in that fashion. In love and with each other.

Or is this approach too sensitive? Too cold to the soul? I choose not. We are somewhat entitled to have these few honest words that few will hear and hardly two or three will understand. Yes love has those shaky days when storms suddenly appear and we hold on to each other for safety. Love is never expounded this way to the noted literary writers who shine with gifts of enlightenment far above our heads. We, the old couples who are still residing in the world, are in love. This is no tough calculus problem. Nothing hard at all. We are in love and love each other. Therein is the secret.

With my eyes, she became my one and only vision of life. My one and only love. My one and only reason to live. Not sad. Not depressing. But love can take many ways to touch the human heart and that we know that well. We didn’t complain about it when our hearts were broken when we were in our youth. No. We loved it. No one bothered to explain it to us.We just fell for each other and that was as simple as you can get.

Then we were blessed again with our two children who grew-up straight, soundly, and very close to being outcasts not because of their color, but their poverty station in life. I hate that from any period of life for anyone. Life, as you know, can be cruel. We know this all too well, but we preserved, fought many uphill battles with narrow-minded neighbors, bosses, and those who hold to their badges of authority. They wielded it well as we just kept our mouths shut, the best that we could.

But life has its good moments as well as the bad. Certainly the highlights of our lives (besides the love of each other) was the love to and from our children. Did they both excel at school? Honestly, no. Oh, we hoped that they would, but young folks are young folks and not even a nation’s president cannot change this fact. Our son did as well as he could and with the grace of God, survived his twelve years of schooling, then went to work for a major plumbing supply company. He loves the work. We always told him as he grew, as long as you do what you love, do it. Yes, we did throw in, jobs that are Godly and morally right. We had to keep a lid on them and their sometimes wild imaginations.

Our daughter, I would love to say that she graced every class that she took. But the truth has to surface at the most-inopportune times. Narrow-minded, jealous people did so much whispering about her, she fell down and cried. The teacher, a fair-minded man, did take her part and expelled the four so-called students for two weeks. To our daughter, this was much better than a pat on the back, which she did receive.

And here we sit on our favorite park, bench. We walk from our apartment across town to here where we have managed to not miss a day for over six-years. I do not like to brag, but just couldn’t help it. Hope that you understand. We loved the life going on in this park from the people talking, eating lunch, and those hungry pigeons. I’d say that we love them so much, that we decided to give them names. “Huey,” “Stick,” and “Maybelle,” to name a few. But that is our life. We couldn’t ask for anything better. Before I go, our two children come by for a visit every other weekend. Oh, I do not want to forget how our daughter ended up after she graduated high school.

She is now a professor of Modern English Literature and loves it. She is not interested in marriage, but I drop all the hints I can when she visits us. I lovingly tell her that we need a grand child or two to play with. She laughs, but knows that we mean it. As for our son, the now-president of that major plumbing company, he always reminds us that the saying that we taught him, do what you love as long as it is Godly and morally-right. He followed that and just look at him. And just look at our professor daughter.

We had best get-up and walk home. I know that I have bent your ear, but it was all good, I hope. Maybe when you have some free time, drop by the park and sit down and visit with us. Our park bench is the last one over there.

God bless you.

And here we are.

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