Man on a Flight - Flash Fiction

Updated on December 22, 2017
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A new challenge to write a Flash fiction story. I hope that it is as enjoyable to read as it was to write it. I have written other scripts.

Tom flies to vegas

Tom wants to take a short plane flight to anywhere. He lives in Los Angeles. He thinks, “Las Vegas would be fun.”. However, he is scared to fly, but wants to overcome his fear.

The anticipation of pre-flight causes some anxiety as Tom is funneled through an endless security line leading to the Gate. “All this for a stupid plane ride?”. Once at the Gate, he digs in his carry-on for his Dramamine. A bell tolls in Tom’s ears when the flight is announced.

Claustrophobia sets in as the passengers board the plane. Waiting. A sudden jolt excites Tom’s pulse as the plane is jerked back when they leave the gate. “Oh my Lord.” They jostle about on the tarmac towards the taxi point. His mouth starts to dry.

The inevitable nears

As they near doom, the steward begins his spiel of emergency procedures. “EMERGENCY PROCEDURES?!?!” Tom looks to see where the emergency doors are located in the fuselage. He breathes a short sigh of relief, then he comes to his senses.

A voice over the intercom introduces himself as the Captain and welcomes passengers on the plane and completes his rhetoric with a, “Thank you for flying”. “What a bastard for rubbing it in”, Tom thinks.

As the plane turns onto the runway, his hands grip the arms of the chair as sweat pours down Tom’s forehead. “It’s awfully warm in here.” Sensation of speed accelerates the plane down the runway to an inevitable and unavoidable result. FLIGHT. Lights flicker as they rumble down the runway.

Tom’s body begins to shake. Feet grab the floor through his shoes. He smells fear in the air. His own. He turns to the passenger next to him. “I don’t know about this.”. The moment the world, his world, has been waiting for. His pulse races as the plane starts to lift resulting in the height of his terror.

Flight of Fancy

The Universe is about to explode as Tom feels the rumbling of tires turning change into thrusting, turning turbines. Flaps and elevators sounding off as they move to lift the plane into the air. He is pushed back into his seat. “STOP! STOP!”, quietly escapes his quivering lips.

Then, he starts to scream like one would do on a rollercoaster ride as they broach past the first, daring drop. His heart in his throat. Naseau takes hold of Tom’s stomach and constipation grips his intestines. “Oh, I don’t feel good”. Veins wanting to burst as they can’t contain the relentless flow of blood.

In a minute, the sensation of speed and tilt begins to lessen. His eyes, slowly opening, notices the calm passengers around him. Tom lets out a little shout. “We have done it!” He continues. “We are in the air. We are flying!” His next thought surprises even himself. “Hmm. This doesn’t feel so bad.”.

Now, Tom feels confident to face the oncoming landing. He smiles.

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      • jjkhawaiian profile imageAUTHOR

        John Hamilton 

        14 months ago from Arizona

        A new Flash Fiction written last night. First ever. I hope you enjoy it.

        Don't hold back any constructive criticisms, please. Let me know what you think.


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