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The Shadow Figure (Short Story)

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Writing is one of my passions and it keeps me going when I am happy or sad. Writing is a wonderful way to tell my stories without my voice.

The Shadow Figure

My name is Hanna Jay and I have been working at the same coffee shop near Red Woods for a century now and I love it. I am always ready to get up and go to work no matter what type of mood I am currently in. I usually try and take the bus back to my house after a shift, but lately I have had to work late and walking suited me best.

My car is in the shop and won't be released for another week, but one night before closing a friend offered to let me in on a secret about the entrance in the woods that lead right into town. He said that the walk was shorter and it would be way better than waiting for a train or bus. I stood there amazed because not only was that a dumb statement but I get off close to eleven o'clock at night.

One night I decided to take my co-workers advice and enter into the woods. There are not a lot of people that travel through Red woods because it is said to be haunted and some homeless guy stays in a cave that he built. They say that he is off his rocker, but I have never seen or heard him around the coffee shop. Homeless men and women usually hang around the coffee shop because we give them free beverages and snacks to hold them over.

I was walking the trail when I heard a huge sigh that came from the echo of the trees. I looked around and kept on walking until I came across a cave like home. I moved further away and didn't look back for one second. I heard leaves and tree branches crunching behind me, but when I turned around no one was there. I kept walking forward and I heard the sigh again, but this time it was a lot louder. I stopped, paused and took a deep breath. The sigh I heard stopped, so I continued on until I reached my front door.

I turned around and saw a mysterious dark figure standing near the woods. I looked at it for two minutes and went into the house. Once inside I ran to my window to see if I could still see the figure, but to my surprise it was gone. The figure looked like a a shadow man and I am certain he was the one following me through the woods. I turned on one of my night lights before I went to bed, because I didn't know what to think or believe at this point.

I can say for certain that Red Wood is definitely one Haunted place and I would love to know who or what that dark figure was.

Shadow Man Jones???

The next day I worked for about ten hours. I had to walk home again because my car was still in the shop, but this time I wanted to go through the Woods and see what that dark figure was. My co-worker told me more about the Red Woods and the mysterious figure that I supposedly saw when I reached my front door. She started telling me that the person that I saw could have been the spirit of Shadow man Jones. Jones was a farmer that lived on the other side of the woods, but the townspeople didn't really like him.

They called him shadow man Jones, but his name was Marvin Roger Jones. He stayed in the shadow and never spoke to anyone. She said that he was very observant and he would tell people things that only certain people knew. He started a whole uproar and so some of the towns people went to his home and removed him which sent him out into the woods. He stayed there and some say he died and was never heard from again.

I started to think that maybe he died in the woods and he is back for revenge or something, but my father was apart of the mob that sent him into the woods years ago. I am now thinking that his sights are set on me for that particular reason. He knows where I live and he followed me from one end of the woods to the next. I am almost certain that I will see him again tonight when I take my walk through the woods. I don't want to see him, but I feel like we need to meet or something if that makes any sense at all.

I am scared, but I need to know what he really wants.

Facing the Shadow

I was walking through the Red Woods as usual when I heard the sigh again, but this time it was a little closer than usual. I was scared to turn around, but I had to in order to face him and see what he really wanted. When I made the decision to turn around I could see the shadow figure man. He was very Hollow with nothing to really show because he was basically some type of shadow figure.

The only thing he did was start yelling softly so I made my peace with him and apologized for my fathers involvement. I was really scared and didn't know what it or he would do, but I stood my ground and he stepped back as he started to fade away. I was able to breath a sigh of relief and continue on home. I must say that I was really proud of myself and after that night I never saw Shadow Man Jones ever again, but I still hear his sigh echo through the Red Woods.