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Man in My Dreams

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Denise is a communication student, a poet and a book lover. She enjoys watching documentaries and film.

A Man I am with in my dreams

A Man I am with in my dreams

It was twelve midnight, I went outside to hang out with my friends in a bar not far from my condominium unit. I drove my car on my way to the bar.

But when I reached that road, something strange happened.

A beaming light from a huge container van was coming ahead and everything went black.

When I woke up, I was still in my car. I touched my head for any injury, my shoulders, my body but I wasn't hurt. It was just a second ago and here I am still breathing.

I get out from the car and check the car's frontage for any damage but there wasn't. Later, I noticed I am not in the same place I have been. The place isn't part of the city either and I'm sure about it. I am now in a bumpy road and a field can be viewed too.

I rolled my eyes all over the place and there I found a beautiful garden. I breathed the cold breeze of air.

I feel like I'm in heaven ...

Wait a second!

Heaven? I feel terrified to think I'm in heaven. Yes, terrified because I am not yet ready to die. I have a lot of things left undone.

Where's the gate? Where I could see Saint Peter? I must be mistaken!

I slapped my face and felt pain of what I did. So stupid of me!

I'm still alive ...

But where am I?

What brought me here?

From the beautiful garden, I saw a man cutting those pretty flowers. I try to catch his attention, so I did.

He turned into my direction and removed his hat. I can't see and recognize his face from this far.

The man then came closer to me.

Closer and closer.

Is this heaven? I must have seen an angel.

"Excuse me?" He then spoke with his baritone voice.

I was mesmerized seeing a handsome creature infront of me. I don't know how long I've been staring at this handsome stranger.

"Excuse me miss?"

It took me more minute to respond.

"I--I am sorry. May I ask what is this place? I don't know how did I arrive here. I might have been lost."

"Is that your car?"


"You've been there for four days now. We were calling your attention, but you would just whine us away. We can't open the door because it's locked and we don't have any instrument to forcely open it. So, we just let you fall asleep for four days now." He plainly said.

"What?!" I shouted in disbelief.
"I've been sleeping for four days now?"

And then my stomache growled like the roaring tiger. I touched it and had this thought on my mind.

Poor little stomache you haven't fed for four days that's why you're now complaining.

When I turned my head to the handsome stranger, I saw him pulling a burst of laugh.

"I think you should feed your little tummy now. It's already complaining. Come with me."

I'm not hesitant to go with this man. I don't know, I feel comfortable and secure with him. It's an unusual feeling for me because I usually don't hang out and even talk with people I don't know.

I just followed him until we reached a nipa house amidst the garden. An old lady is busy watering the plants. I presume she's this man's mother.

"Mom," the man called the lady as I expected.

The old lady gazed at our direction and walk closer to us.

The old lady is beautiful. Yes, she is. Though wrinkles is already visible on her face, she still looks beautiful.

"Who is this beautiful lady, young man?" The old lady asked.

"Mom, she's the one we've seen in the car."

"Oh! So it's you. How may I help you?"

I doubted to tell my concern but then my stomache complained again.

"I see! No need to tell me hija. Come in. Miss???"

"Yeah. By the way, I'm Marie. Marie Gold Ramirez."

"I am Manang Trining, John's mother."

So he's John.

I feel overwhelmed by the way they treat me. They don't let me feel I'm a stranger to them. Manang Trining offered me a lot of food to eat.

While I am eating, I am asking questions to them.

I asked which way to take back from the highway but I was shocked to know this was an isolated island. I have known that they're not the only ones living in this place.

"How did you came here with your car in you Marie? No one from this island have owned a car." Manang Trining stated.

"I don't know manang, all I could remember is that a van is coming ahead my car. And then everything went black. In a blink of an eye I came here." I stated with confusion in me.

Manang Trining was quite for a while, when I remembered something. I have my phone in the car!

"I have my phone in the car. I'll go check for it."

The old lady let me go with John to accompany me.

We walked along the garden, as I am keep on asking questions to John. I asked him what made the island isolated which he answered me only his mom and the old people in here know. I asked how come this island has people living in here even if it is isolated. He just keep on saying, only his mom and the old people in this island know.

I really find this place weird and really mysterious.

And here we are at my car searching for my phone which I found just below the driver's seat.

I turned it on and I did it! Thank God!
But ... I'm not having any single signal in here. I walked here, here, here, and here but I wasn't gaining any signal.

Tss. Such a waste of time!

"What's the matter?" John asked.

"My phone is not having any signal in this place. There's no use having this phone without having any signal. Where's the cellular towers in here?"

I forgot this is an isolated island. How can I get back home? I feel like crying for now.

John tapped my back and let me calm.

We went back to their house. I feel hopeless.

Manang Trining let me stay in here in my will. She offered me clothes and space where am I going to sleep. Their life in here is opposite to what life I have in the city. I just let myself rest for this place, without any assurance of when will I can get back from the place I am really from.

I've been here three days now, oh I mean a week already. But the questions I have in me still remained unanswered. I never asked them again.

Later I realized, why I bother to get back from the place I came from? I only have my friends there? No ones really looking and waiting for me. I should let myself be happy in here.

Two weeks passed, I've become so attached with these people, Manang Trining and John. When Manang Trining isn't here, John always accompanies me. He teaches me the household chores which I haven't known for I am used to be served before. If ever I couldn't get back to the place where I came from, I would be happy and contented to live with these people.

Every morning John gives me flowers which he had picked from their garden. I feel special the way he acts like that to me. He's not just handsome but kind, loving, caring and a lot more traits I have for my ideal man.

I think I have fallen for this stranger in this strange place. Yes, he is still a stranger for me. I even don't know their family's name. When they was born and so on.

I feel he feel the same way too.

I can sense it.

But what I thought was false when that day in my life came ...

They had this visitor, a beautiful lady. If I'm not mistaken, we are on the same age. John approached her as she was coming.

What shocked me the most is when the two hugged and kissed together, a sign of longing to each other.

I've just saw two people who are so much in love with each other.

I am too assuming to tell John feels the same way as what I feel. I have misunderstood his goodness and kindness to me.

The beautiful lady is his soon to be wife. Her name was Denise. She have been gone for a month because she visited her family on the other side of the island.

No one from them ever told me about her. They just let me hope for nothing and waste my love for nothing.

I can't compete with her because John do really love her. It was visible in his eyes as he stares at the lady.

I cried the whole night and keep from myself the burden I am carrying in my heart. The pain that had brought by hoping for a thing which would never happen.

I wish as I sleep right now, the pain would be vanished and the moment I'll wake up, I could get back from the place I really belonged.


I moaned out of pain. My head is really heavy. I moved and noticed some things in my hands, nose and head.

I slowly opened my eyes and examined the place. All I could see is white. The place looks familiar ...

Yeah, it really looks familiar.

"Oh! You're awake!" A voice of a woman from my leftside spoke.

I glance at the direction where the voice came from. I saw a woman wearing white blouse and white skirt.

She looks like a ... Nurse!

A nurse? Am I in a hospital?

"Wait! I'll call Dr. Harold. He must be happy you're now awake." The nurse excitedly rush outdoor.

Dr. Harold? I got curious why she told me that Dr. Harold would be happy seeing me awake now.

Of course! I'm his patient. For pete's sake! Here I go again. Assuming things ...

Wait! Where's Manang Trining? Where's John?

And then, I remembered what happened.

The door opened and there was the nurse again, and a man behind him which must be Dr. Harold.

I was shocked upon seeing the doctor named Harold.

He ...

He ...

He looks like John. He looks exactly like John!

I'm confused.

"I'm happy to see you awake Ms. Ramirez." Dr. Harold extended a smile which reached his eyes.

I'm getting confused. Why I'm here?

"You've rested so much. You have slept for 21 days. You don't remember anything?"

He then stated everything. From the car accident I've been involved, from being comatosed for 21 days.

There I realized, the isolated island, the garden, the field, Manang Trining and John were just part of my dreams.

A dream, I thought was real.

A dream, which I won't ever forget.

A dream that changed my life.

Though the end of that dream was painful, I'm thankful enough to have met those imaginary people who have taught me a lot of things in life.

That dream is not that bad at all ...

Then, I get back to my senses. I have to recover and start anew. A life well lived with people I value so much.


After all had happened. I've moved on and continue to live my life. And closed a part of that chapter.

John, was the man in my dreams. That is why he is not mine ...

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